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Wuthering Waves Parallel Perception: How to complete Will of Flat Horizon with above 40s time remaining

I am too a Midlife Man. That's no secret.

A 2D time trial in Wuthering Waves? I’m sold. Here is how to complete the WIll of Flat Horizon quest in the Parallel Perception domain in Wuthering Waves.

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How to complete the Will of Flat Horizon with above 40s time remaining in Wuthering Waves

The Parallel Perception domain featured the Will of Flat Horizon time trial, and it is located at the Huanglong-Central Plains just north of Jinzhou. You will be able to access it once you visit the city, meet Sanhua, unlock the Convene system, and head out of the city with Jianxin. I would recommend unlocking the Resonance Nexus north of Qichi Village to not get lost on the map. Once inside, you will meet a Secret Midlife Man – man, I’m very close to being one myself – who will challenge you to complete a challenge.

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This challenge quest will have you traverse through a 2D plain and complete a platforming section. There are several obstacles that you will need to avoid and bouncy plants you can use in your favor to jump across chasms and gain altitude. The trick, however, will be completing this time trial with more than 40 seconds remaining. This is because that’s the milestone that will unlock all three chests at the end of the trial.

Wuthering Waves Will Of Flat Horizon
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The best way to complete this trial is to keep sprinting by using the dodge button and use every single Grappling Hook point there is in the domain. While some appear to be more obvious, especially during vertical jumps, the truth is that using them will give you a speed boost that will help you get to the above 40-second requirement. I will also recommend not spamming the jump button since it will activate your Glider, which will slow you down by interrupting your momentum.

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Wuthering Waves Will Of Flat Horizon Complete
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If you complete the quest with more than 40 seconds remaining, the Secret Midlife Man will congratulate you – or at least recognize your effort – and disappear, leaving behind three chests filled with items and currency for you to collect. Use them wisely and don’t lower your guard, this is only one of the many trials that the Secret Midlife Man has in store for you.

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