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Wuthering Waves Photos of Jinzhou quest guide: How to take a photo according to Bowen

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Some heartwarming photos as a break from all the fighting in Wuthering Waves sounds nice. Here is how to take a photo according to Bowen and complete the Photos of Jinzhou side quest in Wuthering Waves.

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How to complete Photos of Jinzhou in Wuthering Waves

Photos of Jinzhou is one of the first side quests you will receive in Wuthering Waves as soon as you get to SOL3 Phase 2 – Union Level 10. This mission will have you head toward the very center of the city of Jinzhou, with some surprises waiting for you. No worries, no Tacet Discord enemies or Echoes to fight and collect for this one.

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The surprise you will come across is an elderly man almost falling to his death. His name is Bowen and he is a photographer who was attempting to take some pictures of the city of Jinzhou. However, he has seen better days, and the time to hang the camera is near, so, of course, you will volunteer to take pictures for him, which are the last three of his collection.

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First Photo: Capture the whole Huabiao Square

Now, the trick to taking these pictures is that you will have to complete a requirement for each of them. If you meet this requirement, then the lense border and the requirement itself turn green, which is your cue to take the pic.

The first one will have you climb up a rooftop to capture all of Huabiao Square. This shouldn’t be a problem for you since you are already in a perfect position to take the shot.

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Second Photo: Take a photo of three kittens

For all of you cat lovers, the second spot will have you take a photo of three kittens. Now, since I’m a cat dad, I cannot fathom the possibility of taking a picture of these beauties without feeling the necessity of adopting them and giving them a forever home, but anyway, I digress. Since you are close to the cats, be sure to zoom out your camera so that the three cats are in the shot before you take the photo.

Wuthering Waves Photo 2
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Third Photo: Capture the touching moment for Bowen

Not only am I a cat dad, but I’m also a dad-dad, so the last photo will have you capture a touching moment for Bowen. What is that touching moment? Just him being with his family. Oh man, I’ve gotta fight back the tears over here! Anyway, just like the cats, zoom out and take the picture with Bowen and his lovely family right on the wooden bridge.

Wuthering Waves Photo 3
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All Photos of Jinzhou rewards in Wuthering Waves

Now that the tears have been wiped, Bowen will thank you for your impeccable job and suggest you consider a career in photography. The truth is that other than in Wuthering Waves, my photo chops are next to none, but at least you get to keep the photo camera to continue to take pictures while you level up your team and discover the secrets of the world. By completing Photos of Jinzhou, you will get the following rewards:

  • 100x Union XP
  • 20x Astrite
  • 3x Medium Resonance Potion
  • 12,000x Shell Credit

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