Wuthering Waves Rejuvenating Glow Echo Farming Route And Locations
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Wuthering Waves Rejuvenating Glow Echo farming route and locations

For healer Resonators.

The Rejuvenating Glow Echo types in Wuthering Waves are great additions for your healer Resonators, so here’s a helpful farming route and locations guide.

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Rejuvenating Glow Echo farming route and locations in Wuthering Waves

In total, you can farm 12 different Echoes that align with the Rejuvenating Glow Sonata. With a two-set they grant you a healing boost, and with a full five-set you can also increase your party’s ATK upon healing them. To farm all Rejuvenating Glow Echoes in Wuthering Waves, let’s review the best farming routes and locations.

Wuthering Waves Rejuvenating Glow Echo Farming Route And Locations Jinzhou
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Around Jinzhou, you can find five different Echo types aligned with the Rejuvenating Glow Sonata. They all curve around the edge of the city, making it easy for farming. Here’s each Echo and its corresponding number:

1Tick TackHavoc
2Snip SnapFusion
3Whiff WhaffAero
4Fusion DreadmaneFusion
5Cruisewing Spectro
Wuthering Waves Rejuvenating Glow Echo Farming Route And Locations Tigers Maw
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Tiger’s Maw

Here above Tiger’s Maw, we have three more Rejuvenating Glow Echoes. The good thing is that they’re all in one central area, making it a lot easier for farming.

6Vanguard Junrock
7Fission Junrock
8Stonewall Bracer
Wuthering Waves Rejuvenating Glow Echo Farming Route And Locations Port City Dim Forest
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Port City and Dim Forest

West of Tiger’s Maw are the Port City of Guixu and the Dim Forest, both of which have a Rejuvenating Glow Echo to farm. They’re not terribly close to one another so it’s best to fast travel between the two.

9Chasm GuardianHavoc
10Hoochief CycloneAero
West Of Jinzhou Wuwa
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West of Jinzhou

West of Jinzhou you’ll find the Tolling Stream that includes a Calamity Class Echo, and then southeast of that is the last Rejuvenating Glow Echo you can find.

11Bell-Borne GeocheloneGlacio
12Rocksteady GuardianSpectro

Those are all the Rejuvenating Glow Echoes we have so far in Wuthering Waves and where you can farm them! Other than these Echoes, have you heard about Phantom “Shiny” Echoes?

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