Wuthering Waves Bell Borne Geochelone
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Wuthering Waves Tacet Discord Hunter quest guide: How to find Lianfeng

Time for some TD hunting.

Here is how to find Lianfeng and complete the Tacet Discord Hunter quest in Wuthering Waves.

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How to complete the Tacet Discord Hunter quest in Wuthering Waves

The Tacet Discord Hunter quest belongs to the first batch of side quests that you unlock once you complete the Ominous Star main quest. Be sure to do so not only for this quest in particular but to unlock more content for you and your Resonators. You can start the quest right in the middle of Jinzhou city.

Wuthering Waves Tacet Discord Hunter
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There, you will meet Koko, a worried mother, and her sick daughter. While there is a cure, it comes in the form of an expensive medication called “guide drug.” Luckily, there is a way to secure the medicine. You will have to collect a Clock Spiriton from a very powerful Tacet Discord in the wild, but you cannot do this on your own.

Wuthering Waves Koko
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That is why Koko will instruct you to contact Lianfeng, a Tacet Discord Hunter who knows where to find one. Get to Jinzhou Theater and after a Pioneer Association Squad Leader interrupts your conversation, he will join you in your mission – and give you the impression that he might not be much of a hunter.

Wuthering Waves Lianfeng Meeting
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Follow the traces

Head to the Huanglong-Central Plains Resonance Beacon to the west of Jinzhou city and you will find Lianfeng. He will tell you that to get the Clock Spiriton you will have to defeat a Bell-Borne Geochelone. The item only drops at specific times, but fortunately, that time has arrived.

Wuthering Waves Lianfeng Location
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Therefore, you will need to follow some traces that have been left along the way to the Bell-Borne Geochelone. While you can use your Sensor to see the trace moving up the river, you can just follow it upstream and the yellow zones will just move forward to your final destination.

Wuthering Waves Tacet Discord Hunter Traces
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You will arrive at the Bell-Borne Geochelone boss fight arena, but first, you will speak with one Pioneer Association member who has been badly wounded. Once you finish the talk, you will venture forward and fight the beast. I would suggest leveling up your Resonators since it is a level 37 boss, so keep that in mind.

Wuthering Waves Soldier Hurt
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Fighting the Bell-Borne Geochelone

This fight is pretty straightforward. Since the Bell-Borne Geocholone appears to be very sturdy, your attacks will not damage it as much as other bosses. So, to deal more damage and finish it quickly, you will first need to target any of its legs to cause it to become destabilized. He will have an assortment of attacks that you will need to avoid, but nothing too serious. Similar to the Lampylumen Myriad boss, avoid its Glacio DMG at all costs.

Wuthering Waves Bell Borne Geochelone Legs
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The ice protecting its legs will eventually break, making the Bell-Borne Geocholen fall to the ground, leaving its head wide open for attacks. Here is where you will want to unleash every single attack in your arsenal. He will then stand up again and the cycle will repeat until you defeat it, leaving you with the Clock Spiriton.

Wuthering Waves Bell Borne Geochelone Head
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Wuthering Waves Tacet Discord Hunter Ending
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Go back to Koko and give her the Clock Spiriton. Lianfeng arrives too, revealing to be Koko’s uncle and that he suffers from amnesia due to being Overclocked by his Resonant abilities. You will receive a generous amount of Shell Credits, Union XP, and some Astrite for all your troubles, concluding this side quest.

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