Wuthering Waves Terraspawn Fungus
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Wuthering Waves Terraspawn Fungus locations and farming route


Another fungus material in Wuthering Waves that will provide enough energy for Resonator Ascension. Here is where to find Terraspawn Fungus and its best farming routes in Wuthering Waves.

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Where to find Terraspawn Fungus in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves Yuanwu Ascension
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Terraspawn Fungus is one of the many ascension materials in Wuthering Waves you can collect in the open world. Contrary to other materials such as Pecok Flowers or Coriolus, Terraspawn Fungus will only help ascend Yuanwu beginning at Ascension Rank 2. The most probable thing is that future Resonators will use this material to ascend as well. The good thing about the Terraspawn Fungus is that both of its farming routes are pretty close to each other, so let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Desorock Highland farm route

Wuthering Waves Terraspawn Fungus Route 1
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The very first farm route is the bigger of the two and it is located at Desorock Highland. However, you can probably identify the area as the one surrounding the Thundering Mephis boss fight. This area is filled with many interesting finds besides the Terraspawn Fungus. For example, you can find Scarletthorn throughout the ground and, if you are lucky, find a Phantom Rocksteady Guardian.

Camp Overwatch farm route

Wuthering Waves Terraspawn Fungus Route 2
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The other farming location is just north of the Desorock Highland farming route at Camp Overwatch. This is a bit smaller in comparison to the one before, but you can still collect some Terraspawn Fungus if you take care of the TDs in the area and even some Floramber and Fragipurple. You can also find the Impermanence Heron boss fight nearby, so you might want to check it out if you need its drops.

Wuthering Waves Terraspawn Fungus Found

That’s it! If you are building a strong team composition that includes Yuanwu, you will probably want to visit these areas to farm Terraspawn Fungus to make it as strong as you can. If you don’t care about farming in the wild, then you can also visit the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou city and use Shell Credits to buy some Terraspawn Fungus without the need to engage in exploration or battle.

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