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What do you get when you combine former developers behind Fallout 4, New Vegas, Skyrim, and The Outer Worlds? The answer is Wyrdsong (pronounced “weird song”), a new RPG teased today during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live. As it was merely teased, the video didn’t reveal a whole lot. There’s a big, blue eye and a creepy warlock-looking thing.

However, while the teaser left us wondering, the developer behind Wyrdsong did explain some things. IGN spoke with former Skyrim vet Jeff Gardiner about the game. According to Gardiner, Wyrdsong is unsurprisingly an open-world RPG with a focus on “preternatural, occult, historical fantasy.” The setting is a fictional Portugal during a Middle Ages, and it features narrative choices with Obsidian-style dialogue options.


My main takeaway from the Wyrdsong teaser and interview is that it’s too early really to know what it’s truly about. Gardiner says the game is still in very early development, and the team at Something Wicked Games is still putting all the pieces together. But the studio is made up of some of the best in the genre. Wyrdsong has a a lot of potential, and could end up being listed among the aforementioned greats some day.

The Wyrdsong teaser trailer leaves more questions than answers

Despite the brief teaser, there is even more info on Wyrdsong — thanks to some post-show PR. It’s an “occult historical fantasy RPG,” and the team is boasting it will “expand, question, and re-define aspects of what makes up the current Role Playing Game genre.”

Those are some bold words. If it was coming from any other studio, I’d be a bit more skeptical. However, Gardiner has put together quite the Captain Planet of developers. They come from what many regard to be the best RPGs in the industry.

“Our goal with Something Wicked Games is to utilize our independence and creative autonomy to create the next evolution of open world RPGs,” said Jeff Gardiner, CEO and founder of Something Wicked Games, in a press release. “Our first project, Wyrdsong, has been my dream game for some time now, and I’m thrilled to finally share it today.”

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