July 8th, 2017

X Rebirth launch trailer is full of stars

X Rebirth launch trailer is full of stars

X Rebirth3 - Incgamers

X Rebirth is out tomorrow, which means it’s the perfect time for a launch trailer. Right? Right.

X Rebirth has you swanning around deep space, doing whatever you like. You can trade, or go into piracy, or work for the police, or build your own empire, or follow the main plot. Developer Egosoft claims that every single ship is doing something, meaning that you continually influence the universe with tiny actions; blow up a freighter, and its cargo will never reach its destination. That destination will then be running low on said cargo, and prices will rise. Etc.

I like the idea, but I’m still not wholly convinced that X Rebirth can live up to its lofty claims. Mind you, I was never a fan of its predecessors, and I’ve got to admit that – judging by this trailer – it’s unbelievably pretty. Peter’s playing around with it right now, so I shall wait for his review. Maybe this will be the X title to fire up my hyperdrive.

Keep an eye out for our review, which’ll probably be next week, and have a gander at an interview Peter conducted with studio director Bernd Lehahn.

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  • Comments: 8
    • Samurai Turtle

      shut up tim.. *mumblemumble-doesnt like X-series-mumblemumble*

    • sorudo

      the only 3 things that can make me a fan of this game is:
      1.) i can build and design my own ship.
      2.) i can create my own race with it’s own back story.
      3.) i can also land on a planet and do whatever i want, within reason ofcouse.
      for now all i have is eve and that is not even a good game for me, way to much based on the mouse and battles bore me.

      • cbrons

        This game won’t be that, it will be a highly repetitive game with absolutely no objective or anything. The indie no-name studios are big into no objective games these days.

    • seePyou

      Removing S.E.T.A. was a bold decision. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. I’m playing a merchant baron, and S.E.T.A. has helped not to chew my arm off while waiting for my initial slow merchant ships to navigate sectors.
      I do not want to fight at all so we will see.
      I am extremely excited for this game!

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Looking forward to this, shame you only control one ship, but at least I can land on the bigger ships and explore.

    • cbrons

      In my experience, these low budget games that look very nice are just that… low budget games that look nice. The game play will be trash and it won’t be anywhere near what you think it is. Just my experience with these no-namer studios who try to rush out one iteration after another of a failed game.

      • Drizzt

        I’ve played the X-Series Games by Egosoft for over 15 years now.
        And the gameplay has always been awesome.

      • Operative7B

        You know that this is published by Egosoft and it isn’t a low-budget game… right?