xcom 2 dlc anarchy's children

Anarchy’s Children, the DLC for XCOM 2, will be released on 17th March (next Thursday). It’s available for £3.99 but if you have the Reinforcement Pack, which retails for £15.99, it will be included in that, along with two further DLCs to be released sometime this year.

Anarchy’s Children offers over 100 customisation options such as hair styles, face paints, armour, decals, helments and masks.

Simply log into your Steam account to download it to your XCOM 2.

Firaxis Games are also preparing a patch to optimise performance and address a few game bugs but there’s no date on that.

In the meantime if you are looking for some XCOM 2 mods check our continually update ‘Best of‘ page or our review if you’ve yet to take the plunge.

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