Apparently there are some players for whom XCOM: Enemy Unknown is still too difficult when set to ‘Easy’ mode. Either that, or said ‘Easy’ mode wasn’t functioning correctly, because the next patch for the game will make the Easy setting even easier. One way to get around this of course is to improve your skills as a player, but there’s no denying that a difficulty mode labelled as ‘Easy’ should, indeed, actually be easy.

    A few other fixes should come as good news to players; namely, the “abductor roof visibility problems” being resolved, and various situations that could cause the game to hang. Alongside those, Firaxis says that “Snapshot penalty should no longer apply when Overwatching without first moving”. So that’s lovely too.

    The exact date for this patch is still “TBD”, but it’s said to be coming “soon” (no doubt there’s certification issues to work through with the console versions).

    For an insight into what an old hand at the XCOM games made of this remake, read Tim’s review.

    Source: 2K Games Forum

    Peter Parrish

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