Xdefiant Magnum 686
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XDefiant 686 Magnum guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all camos

Magnum means danger. I think.

Secondary weapons in XDefiant are only secondary in name. Here is the best loadout, all camos, and how to unlock the 686 Magnum revolver in XDefiant.

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How to unlock the 686 Magnum revolver in XDefiant

Unlocking the 686 Magnum revolver will probably end up with you having some major headaches and performing a couple of rage quits. This is because you will need to get 5 quick-swap kills, which involves damaging and killing enemy players with both the primary and secondary weapon. I would strongly suggest using the Echelon faction characters and using either of their activated abilities to sneak up on enemies from behind. Use your primary weapons and then your secondary since it will be a bit faster and hope you don’t get shot down.

Best 686 Magnum loadout in XDefiant

The 686 Magnum is arguably the best revolver in the game, but in my experience, each pistol is great for getting very fast kills in modes such as Hot Shot or Occupy. To make the best out of the 686 Magnum, we will want to increase its range and further improve its already great ADS speed. Let’s take a look at the best attachments you can unlock by leveling it up.

Attachment TypeAttachmentStatsUnlock Level
MuzzleBarrel Extender+10.0% Short Range
+10.0% Medium Range
-10.0% Recoil Recovery
-10.0% Sprint-Shoot Time
Level 8
OpticsReflex+1 Sight PictureLevel 2
Rear GripFabric+10.0% ADS Speed
+5.0% ADS Stability
-10.0% Recoil Recovery
Level 4
Xdefiant 686 Magnum Attachments
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The Barrel Extender and the Fabric Grip will be the ones that will make the 686 Magnum a force to be reckoned with. The first will increase both your Short and Medium range, while the second will increase your ADS Speed and Stability, allowing you to face enemy players and aim at them much faster.

How to unlock all 686 Magnum skins in XDefiant

SkinHow to Unlock
Bronze (Mastery)Reach weapon level 50.
Silver (Mastery)Reach weapon level 75.
Gold (Mastery)Reach weapon level 100.
Xdefiant 686 Magnum Skins
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Currently, there are no 686 Magnum skins other than the Master skins. These will take quite a while given the limited amount of weapon XP you get during your XDefiant matches. To unlock these and the attachments detailed above in a much faster way, you can get and spend Weapon XP Boosters by leveling up the Battle Pass or even claiming some Twitch Drops. Either way, get ready for the grinding and good luck with those quick-swap kills.

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