XDefiant D50 guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all camos
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XDefiant D50 guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all camos

The punchiest pistol in the game

The D50 is XDefiant’s take on the iconic Desert Eagle pistol. Let me show you everything you need to know in our XDefiant D50 guide: How to unlock it, the best attachments and loadout, and all camos.

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How to unlock the D50 in XDefiant

The D50 is easy to unlock and can be earned in a single match along with the other Secondary Weapons. Simply deal 1,000 damage with Secondary Weapons to obtain the D50. You can do this across multiple games.

I found the easiest way to do this early was to use the premade Assault Class and swap to my Secondary for every gunfight. I also completed the Quick-Swap Kill challenge the same way so you can unlock all the Secondaries around the same time.

Best attachments for the D50 in XDefiant

XP gains and progression in XDefiant are exceptionally slow at the time of writing. It will take many hours to unlock even half of the valuable attachments. Fortunately, the D50 packs a punch right out of the box, and you can add these attachments through time:

Best D50 Attachments 

  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Optics: Reflex
  • Magazine: Extended Mag
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

The D50 does more damage to close-range targets, and the Barrel Extender slightly increases effective range. We take a Recoil Control penalty with this attachment, but it should be OK with the D50’s slow rate of fire.

Any Optic is better than none, hence the Reflex Sight recommendation. The Extended Magazine gives us three extra bullets, increasing our capacity to 10. It’s not a huge increase, but it will come in handy. Finally, the Heavy Grip slightly improves recoil and reduces ADS Flinch, so we can still aim if we’re being shot at.

XDefiant D50 guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all camos
Screenshot: PC Invasion

As for Camo’s, there are only three for the D50 at the time of writing. You can earn the Bronze, Silver, and Gold camos for leveling the weapon to levels 25, 50, and 100, respectively. This grind will take months, so pace yourself and let it happen naturally.

Best Loadout for the D50 in XDefiant

Secondary weapons are in an odd spot in XDefiant, and unfortunately, you can’t focus your loadout around them. The Desert Eagle has always been one of my favorite guns, but it can’t compete with primaries in XDefiant no matter what you do.

With this in mind, I recommend using the D50 to finish off opponents you weaken with your primary or damaging abilities:

  • Faction: Cleaners
  • Activated Ability: Incinerator Drone
  • Primary Weapon: MK 20 SSR Marksman Rifle
  • Device: EMP Grenade
XDefiant D50 guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all camos
Screenshot: PC Invasion

We’re picking the Cleaners Faction to use their deadly Incinerator Drone. The Incinerator Drone can score kills independently, but the burn effect can drop enemy HP into the 1-2 shot range for our D50 and MK 20 SSR.

The MK 20 SSR usually kills opponents in two hits and can be used at any range. You’ll find the rifle much easier to use with a scope, and fortunately, you’ll unlock the Reflex Sight at weapon level 2.

Finally, our Device of choice is the EMP Grenade. Shields have become very popular in my matches, and nothing is more satisfying than breaking them with an EMP. Once your opponent is exposed, you can mop them up with your punchy weapons.
You can use any device you like with this build, but the EMP is easily one of the best, with unmatched utility.

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