The elusive Monaco, an indie, co-op stealth-em-up developed by Andy Schatz and Pocketwatch Games, should be available for pre-order later this week. According to Schatz himself, “Wednesday is the plan” for that. Monaco has received some rave previews from games events and won a pair of awards at the GDC Independent Games Festival in 2010, but had drifted out of the press a little in past few months.

Well, the game is currently in closed beta and looks like it’s finally getting ready to formalise a release date. It’s due out on PC and Xbox Live Arcade simultaneously, but the pre-orders will only be taken for Steam copies. Schatz claims to have some “MAJOR” pre-order bonuses planned, as well as four-pack offers (which makes sense, since the game supports up to four players).

Here’s the game in action, with developer commentary.

Peter Parrish

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