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Following events of the past few weeks where Youtube personalities have been implicated in CS:GO gambling scams, another has come to light overnight.

The well known Youtuber James “Phantoml0rd” Varga  has now been implicated in another CSGO betting scandal surrounding the site CSGOShuffle. Documents released to eSports commentator Richard Lewis highlight conversations between Varga and a web developer called Joris in which Vargo discusses the legalities of running the site, payments between Varga and Joris, rigged gambling on the site, and shares of profits.

The logs also reveal discussions about Varga using money earned from skins through the site to advertise the service live to his viewers. In later exchanges, the discussions show that Varga was aware of how sites such as CSGOLotto and CSGOWild were operating and who was running them. He also questions whether CSGOLotto, which was the first big site outed this month, was having an impact on their own operation at CSGOShuffle.

Varga also asks for percentages of rolls which shows that both Joris and Varga were rigging the percentages for winning and losing, Varga then requests that his betting history be is removed so as not to make it obvious that he is winning big.

The infortmatio0n has been revealed through Skype chat logs, which were procured by an unnamed hacker, and go back as far as early last year. The pertinent parts of the logs can be read via the video released by Richard below


The CSGO gambling scam sites are slowly but surely closing thanks to the Valve’s decision forbidding them to use the Steam API but there’s obviously still more con artists that need to be outed. What happens now with Varga remains to be seen.

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