Chilean developer ACE Team has confirmed that a sequel to first-person melee fighter Zeno Clash is in development.Not much is known, but the sequel will apparently contain open-ended gameplay, large environments, and some RPG elements – and, naturally, lots more brutal close-range fighting.In other Zeno Clash news, the first game has just been patched on Steam. Patch notes follow:Added damage counter and timer for challenge mode. Damage counter warns player 20 HP before losing to personal record. Timer warns player 20 sec before losing to personal record.Animal cruelty achievement fixed. Works as global counter.Added Italian language and translation credits to the game.Fixed crash when switching shadow quality in-gamePlayer auto-locks on to F-M when health drops to zero (Single-Player)Tower challenge F-M does not require lock-on to defeatFixed throwing your weapon in maps where it causes problemsPlayer returns to Challenge screen when dying in a tower levelFixed timer bug when pausing a Tower ChallengeTweaked collision detection for uppercut finisher and deflect kickPlayer now does attack sound when throwing weaponsMoved health fruit in final map so it is easier to pick up

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