June 22nd, 2017

Zombie combo: DayZ standalone devblog vid explains lack of public alpha

Zombie combo: DayZ standalone devblog vid explains lack of public alpha


A new devblog video from Bohemia Interactive and Dean “Rocket” Hall (visible at the bottom of this post) offers details on the current state of the standalone version of DayZ, and details a few recent improvements – while explaining a little of why the game isn’t yet available to the public.

The neatest improvement, as far as I’m concerned, is a new bleeding system which “bleeds from the exact point that you’re shot at, and animates correctly.” Which is kinda nifty. There’s also some bits and bobs with regards to how the game will prevent hacking, how each weapon type will be made to “shine”, how the loot spawn system will work… Lots of stuff, basically.

But you’re interested in the alpha, aren’t you? Welp, following on from July’s testing, it apparently just wasn’t quite ready for a few reasons. One is a problem with what they call the “multiplayer network bubble” – in ArmA, the game client receives updates from the server on the positions of everything on the map, which works fine there but doesn’t work too well in DayZ considering the sheer number of players, objects, and zombies floating around and interacting with each other. At the moment, then, they’re making it so that players only receive updates on the things in their vicinity – which will also help prevent hacking, because there’s less information available to the client.

As for the rest… well, I’ll let Hall tell you himself:

“[Stability] has been greatly improved in the last weeks, and I’m sure those of you who’ve had a chance to talk to the people who’ve been testing, they will tell you the same thing. We’ve still got some way to go to accommodate the player levels that we feel is necessary for useful feedback.”

“And I guess that’s kinda the most important point to make in this development blog – everybody really wants it to be released, and we’re really happy with how it’s starting to look, but until we cover off on the very basic foundations of it, there’s just nothing there to play. There’s nothing there to really enjoy.”

“We feel we’re very close to that, but we want to take the time that’s necessary to deliver on that, and that is obviously frustrating for everyone involved – both on the project team as well as people wanting to play it – but really, without these things it’s just not possible. So we really appreciate people’s patience with that, and I’ll be posting more detail in text on the devblog over the weekend as well.”

You can have a watch of the video below to hear it for yourself and to see the stand-alone title in action. Oh! And this follows on from screenshots released, ooh, about 20 minutes ago. Give them a look here.

Source: Devblog

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    • Rushster

      I think they are right to hold off until it is more feature complete. No point having an alpha that is so unoptimised it’s a mess. Take as long as you want Mr Hall.

    • shawn

      in theory this game is amazing but in reality it is shit im sorry but it gets boring way too fast and you constantly have to watch your ass from assholes. Game is always poorly optimized u brake you legs by walking through doorways etc, and it just gets boring real fast you will spend the majority of your time walking through a city that looks like shit with shitty textures.. what a shitty site this is a all time low making people to click on advertisements just to post a comment on your shitty site go to hell u bums and make some decent content and u might get legitimate traffic fuckin losers…

      • Shawn Sucks

        Wow Shawn, great comment. Ill make sure to kill any players called Shawn when the game comes out. Your also obviously playing it on the lowest settings. Here’s a suggestion, buy a real PC and stop complaining. You are the worst kind of person. Have a nice day

      • The Dude

        Well, that’s just like, your opinion man.

        But seriously, don’t buy DayZ then. I’d rather not have to deal with idiots like you in the game.

    • SpanishJohn

      Hi there I think if its not ready its not ready, these are facts so let the game devs do there job. I find it so funny when you see people bitch and moan about the release date moving back, they have never been in any job, this is life shit happens things go wrong, run over time and budget but that’s life!!!!

      For players that want to play this(myself included) WILL WAIT. Good things happen for those who wait.

      So chill Winston, Chill.


    • Bob

      THANK YOU. You pretty much summed it up. Everything you said is true, and also, if anyone has ever tried to program ANYTHING let alone a video game, the would know that it takes hours upon hours upon hours to get anything to work even slightly right. These guys are working very hard on the alpha and want to get it just right for us, the players, and I and obviously John respect that. I too will be patiently waiting for the alpha to come out.

    • Timmy

      I do agree that Dayz should be at a fairly polished state before it is released, but what I am irritated about is the fact the Dean Hall has been teasing us with potential release dates that never actually happen. In the ending of 2012, Dean was adequate on saying that the Dayz standalone will be released no matter what at the end of 2012. Then when that day passed he says it will be released early 2013, then mid year into 2013 he makes a statement which suggested some type of milestone at the end of July that will determine the release date. Now that the milestone has passed, he is now saying it is not yet ready for release but doesn’t specify if the game is still on track to be released or what date they plan to release it. Why cant he just stop getting everyone hopes up and say that it will not be released any time soon.

      Like i said before, I am all for a well polished Dayz, but I feel Hall has been slacking on the time management of getting this game done. The issues with Ivan’s imprisonment was rumored that he stopped working on the game for a time. Then when he should of been full forced into getting this development underway, he decides to go on a month long Mount Everest trip. He should be pressuring his team to get what needs to be done done and not going off and sidetracking all the time. I say all this because I believe dean hall is sitting on a gold mine that other developers are trying to claim. If he doesn’t get this game out the way he wants it soon, then some other development team will. For example the developers of State of Decay and Grays new RUST game.

    • Afshin

      I Agree with with you Timmy you said it all but lets just give them time they are human beings they need some free times too, dayz will be and is a great game so good job Dean hall we love you.

    • Tadams

      Hall, I think it’s time you pass the code to folks who know how to code. It’s obvious you guys really don’t have a clue on how to do this. Imagine, last year you were aiming for a late 2012 release, until you found out what it really takes to code anything more than a mod. Good luck Hall. You guys will need it because I don’t see a full release of this game until early or late 2015.