Zombie Cow Flashes More Privates Info

Zombie Cow Studios has hit on the magic formula for news coverage: make your game about bums.

We asked studio founder Dan Marshall for a few more details about Privates, such as whether each of the game’s five levels would have a different sexually transmitted disease ‘theme.’
“Loosely, yes” he told us, “Levels are themed by location more than by enemy, though. I’ll be releasing more info about how the game’s structured soon, I promise.”

He also offered a little bit more about the title’s satirical leanings: “[Privates] plays on modern gruff military games, but from a pansy British perspective. So there’s plenty of digs at your favourite shooters throughout.”

In which case, we’re putting some money on a ‘Call of Booty’ reference.

Privates should be popping up on PC (for free) and Xbox 360 (probably not for free) this summer.

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