July 21st, 2017

Zombie Studios shows off Daylight’s obligatory sewer level

Daylight - 01
Naming this game “Daylight” seems about as appropriate as calling Call of Duty: Ghosts “PC Optimised.”

Daylight looks interesting. In case you missed it, this is Zombie Studios’ survival horror game which is procedurally generated, so you’ll shudder through different maps and run from different events on every playthrough.

You’ll be playing as a lady named Sarah who wakes up in the lobby of an abandoned hospital, in which terrible things have happened. Your only weapon? Your mobile phone. In all honesty, that’s probably an upgrade from Fatal Frame/Project Zero‘s camera, but…

Today, the team have released a new set of screens showing off a new area – the sewers. No, really. On the plus side they also released some concept art, so you can get a nice look at how everything comes together from concept to execution. And there are also screenshots of things that aren’t sewers! It’s a filthy, disgusting, terrifying bonanza.

Daylight is due out sometime next year. I am accepting bets on whether or not the devs actually manage to add some daylight by then, or if that’ll prove too challenging and they stick with dark areas lit only by your phone.

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