Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer details pre-order extras [Video]

A new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines showcases some of the painfully inevitable pre-order ‘bonuses’ that you’ll get by taking the chance on slapping down your money early for a copy of the game. In the ‘limited edition’ version of the title, you get four extra Aliens-based multiplayer characters (Apone, Hicks, Drake and Hudson … wait, no Ripley or Vasquez?) and Ripley’s flamethrower as an extra weapon.

“Additional Marine customisation” is also promised to those who risk buying a game sight-unseen (or maybe that should be ‘hand-unplayed’?) The limited edition will set you back $50 USD on the PC and $60 USD on Xbox 360 and PS3 (probably on Wii U too).

Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming on 12 February.

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  • Morten Velde

    What a desperate attempt of making money. As if wielding Ripley’s flamethrower is anything special. geese. This is a nice representation of the overused Alien theme. Yea you heard me, I clicked this for a reason. Always have hopes up that one day there will be a new millennia-quality Alien Vs. Predator. This looks fit for PS1.