Become a GODUS Late Believer now

Become a GODUS Late Believer now

Project GODUS

It’s been an exciting 24 hours for the 22Cans team as the winner of the Curiosity cube was revealed as Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh.

If you followed the news here yesterday as the final moments of the Curiosity cube unfolded, then you’ll be aware that Bryan Henderson will be playing god in the upcoming GODUS with the “power to introduce morals into a game” according to Peter Molyneux. It was a great prize and it could make GODUS a pretty interesting game.

If you didn’t support GODUS when it was Kickstarting then you’re in luck as today 22Cans launched their “Late Believer” page so you can still back the game. The minimum pledge is $20 ($32 /  €25) which  gives you access to the beta, a copy of the game, access to the development webcam/updates and even a PDF of the design documents.

GODUS is expected to be released in September this year.

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  • thetruth

    This article has paid advertisement written all over it.

    The criticism still stands:
    Over 7000 people have paid in advance for a game which single guy who signed up for the cube just one day before it finished can ruin? Do they not deserve a game made by caring developers instead of a single person making (speculating here) major design decision?

  • DavidTheSlayer

    “This article has paid advertisement written all over it.”…? Really where? I smell jeasously.

    As to your critisim I agree you completely, but I’m more interested in the experiment than how they release the announcement of the game.

  • SLowrAM

    Actually the prize was vague on specifics. I don’t think the current ruling God of Godus will have an option to make the game any less enjoyable. If by chance he does then I’m sure his term will be short lived.