Following The Secret World disappointment, Funcom will focus on smaller games

In its latest financial report, Funcom has announced that EA-published MMO The Secret World has shifted 200,000 copies since it launched this past July.

That number is lower than expected, a fact the developer puts down to strong competition and mixed review scores. Specifically, Funcom says that ArenaNet deciding to announce the Guild Wars 2 release date just prior to The Secret World’s launch, and Blizzard committing to 25 September for World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria, had a big impact on sales.

As a result, the developer now plans to create “smaller, more focused online games” in a bid to reduce their risk by lowering costs and shortening development times.

Funcom Q2 revenue figures are down from $3.1 million in 2011 to $2.6 million in 2012.

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  • sebastiaan van vliet

    the game sucks and that’s about it, if they made the game more fun and less about grind it would actually be a decent game.
    even SWTOR did better and it’s all thanks to good gameplay, not because of good marketing.

  • Elly Davis

    That sounds very much like they aren’t pushing any further content out for it?

  • Scott

    Yikes, that’s not good at all for the 12 people still playing.

  • Nestorius

    In the MMO community, Funcom = AOC (Age Of Conan) which was a big fiasco.

    No need to blame GW2 or WoW MoP announcement as a reason for the low sales figures : any new project from Funcom is DOA (Dead On Arrival) due to AOC legacy, no MMO player with a memory will trust that company again.

    The best thing the devs can do to overcome that poor track-record is to drop the Funcom brand, start a new one and make sure no one links it back to Funcom…