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RaiderZ European servers being shut down

Gameforge has decided to close down the European servers for the monster hunting MMO RaiderZ. Launched last year, the game has obviously not managed to capture the imagination of MMO gamers in Europe. With so…

By: Paul Younger

RaiderZ expands with Broken Silence

Run out of monsters to torment and slay in RaiderZ? Well, hopefully the new ‘Broken Silence’ expansion will be able to help you out with that. Apparently the ‘wall of silence’ has come a-crumbling and…

By: Peter Parrish

RaiderZ: Broken Silence set to expand the MMO

Perfect World has announced an expansion for their monster hunting MMO RaiderZ which will add more content and features for players. New content planned for the Broken Silence expansion will include an increase of the…

By: Paul Younger

RaiderZ gets ready for Christmas events

The festive season is  hitting the world of MMOs and the monster hunting MMO RaiderZ is next in line with their festive events. The festivities kick off on 12 December with Christmas costumes, cards, gear…

By: Paul Younger

RaiderZ enters open beta in October

The free-to-play monster hunting MMO RaiderZ has announced that it will enter open beta on 24 October. In addition, developers Maiet Entertainment have released a few numbers and statistics from the closed beta, which is…

By: Peter Parrish

RaiderZ developer diary #3 [Video]

The third dev diary from Perfect World of the monster hunting MMO RaiderZ is a mixed bag of combat, crafting, weapons, killing big monsters and even guitar smashing. The game is currently in closed Beta…

By: Paul Younger

RaiderZ Closed North American Beta key giveaway

Here at IncGamers we have joined forces with Perfect World to give North American gamers the chance to take part in the upcoming closed Beta test of their monster hunting MMORPG RaiderZ. So what is RaiderZ?…

By: Paul Younger