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THQ Nordic is known to release games with interesting narratives and gameplay. This can be seen in games like its RPG Biomutant and Darksiders. This unique style can also be found in the long-running turn-based shooter, Jagged Alliance 3. Announced back in 2022, players were happy the cult favorite strategy game take new life. Jumping to the current year, we finally have our hands on it. Developers Haemimont Games have built the game from the ground up, and one of the mechanics that has been overhauled is the weapons. There are quite a bit of them in Jagged Alliance 3 but like most games, not all of them will help you. This list will show you the top 10 best weapons in Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3: 10 Best Weapons 

Each of these ten weapons in Jagged Alliance could make the rather steep learning curve of Jagged Alliance 3’s gameplay much more digestible. So, I do recommend the using following for your campaign. 

  •  RPG-7

To start this list off, let’s look at one of the strongest rocket launchers in the game. It’s a heavy weapon, which means you can take on the heavier enemies. The RPG-7 also has impressive range for the type of weapon it is. Additionally, the rocket launcher causes AoE damage, which is great during the waves of enemies coming at you. However, the RPG-7 is rare, but players have reported it drops during those tense moments, either in the mid or late-game. 

  • Ma Baxter’s Argument Invalidator

For being a shotgun, this weapon is interesting. First off, it’s an auto shotgun, so you don’t have to pump every time. The main aspect of Ma Baxter’s Argument Invlidator is that it holds around fourteen shells. With that many shells and with the burst fire mode, you can put in a devastating amount of damage at once to multiple enemies. 

  • M82

Snipers in general are a hit or miss in Jagged Alliance 3. They can either be easy to use, but have low damage, or the opposite of that. However, it seems like M82 can be a good middle ground. While ammo is rather rare and expensive to fix, the compromise is the damage output. With the .50 Cal and good range, the M82 can down lighter enemies with somewhat sturdy protection. For the heavier enemies, this sniper can inflict a lot of damage. So it is worth using the M82 even with all the compromises. 

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  • MGL

While not as powerful as the RPG-7, you can still cause a lot of damage with this grenade launcher. You won’t be taking down large portions of enemies, but you’ll be slowing them down better with the MGL. Mainly because the weapon helps you be versatile in many ways. The MGL uses High Explosives grenades that can hurt a group of enemies at once, plus, it uses Smoke and Flashbang to deter them. You can be adaptable with how you fight with the MGL.

  • MG42

Machine guns in Jagged Alliance 3 are reliable and probably commonly used. The MG42 is a go-to weapon because of its great damage output and decent range. The best part about using this weapon is that it doesn’t need much in terms of AP (Action Points) to use. You could potentially lock down the enemy in a spot and hold them there long with the hundred-round capacity. 

  • AA12 Shotgun

The AA12 stands slightly above Ma Baxter’s Argument Invalidator, but not by much. It has 3 different firing modes Buckshot, Shotgun, and Distracting shot. When you cycle between modes, you could pull off a great offensive move. However, you can see the full potential of the gun when you blind fire. If you use ADS, the damage will decrease, so try to fire from the hip. The bleed damage it causes also does quite a bit, it adds a bleed effect that hurts over time. On top of that, if you shoot at a group of enemies, the damage increases. 

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  • M14 Assult Rifle

This rifle has appeared in many other shooters and acts the same way in Jagged Alliance 3. It’s balanced with great damage output, and above average range. Out of the gate, this weapon is easy to use, but once you upgrade and put in more attachments in the slots, things to do get better. However, if you use the M14 Assult Rilfe, you should focus on the lighter enemies. This gun is very effective for that category of bad guys. 


If you choose to go for the quick and effective playstyle, the UZI could be your best friend. But you should note, it’s not a great weapon for taking on multiple enemies. If you can pull a few enemies towards you and headshot them, the UZI will do the job. The main rule of thumb for this weapon is the effects it has and not the damage, so try to focus on that aspect of the engagement.

  • Mortar

The only heavy weapon that rivals the RPG-7 for a few reasons. The main focus of the Mortar is it’s AoE damage and it’s high range. However, when it hits directly — it hits. So it’s a great idea to use the Mortar when the odds are against you. As mentioned, the AoE damage of this weapon stands on its own. While the RPG-7 can deliver the same impact, the Mortar will always inflict a large amount of damage outright. You’ll have a better chance at stopping the enemy with the Mortar than you would have with the RPG-7.

  • Minimi

The best way of defeating the enemy is by suppressing them and locking down their position, and Minimi is good at that. With its higher-than-usual range, you can push enemies back effectively with this LMG. On top of all that, if you aim with the Minimi, your damage will go up. Paring that with the upgrades you get will make being unstoppable more realistic

Jagged Alliance 3 is available now via Steam.

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