There are many things we have to put up with here in Britain. Constant rain, boring politicians, a crumbling economy and Piers Morgan. Most of this we are able to laugh off with our British humour which is just about the only thing preventing a mass suicide but if there’s one thing that really gets my goat personally it is The Daily Mail newspaper. In case you’re unfamiliar, The Daily Mail is one of the big newspapers over here and enjoys taking swipes at pretty much every walk of life you could imagine. Gay? Female? unmarried? Muslim? Unemployed? Had sex before marriage? Rational? If you tick any of these boxes then consider yourself an enemy from the Mails point of view.

Since The Daily Mail is so into headline grabbing fear mongering they are of course into blaming video games for violence. In this article published by and written by Alex Lemcovich, you can read some of the dumbest headlines ever printed by the Mail as it points the finger at gaming as the source for violence. You can check out his article right HERE.

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