More money was pledged on Kickstarter for videogames in 2012 than in any other category. The $50 million USD collectively pledged for games between 31 August 2011 and the same date in 2012 exceeded the amounts offered for both film ($42 million) and design ($40 million). As a result, Kickstarter has dubbed this ‘The Year of the Game’.

Seven of the eleven projects that have broken the $1 million USD barrier this financial year have been videogames, and an eighth is a comic about a videogame. Games have risen from the eighth most funded category in Kickstarter history, to the second.

Like Firefly Studios in our interview last week, Kickstarter attributes this growth to Double Fine’s fundraising effort for the Double Fine Adventure back in February 2012. Double Fine were not the first game on Kickstarter, but they were the first to raise $1 million USD in 24 hours and present Kickstarter as a viable option for developers.

Source: Kickstarter

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