2015's PC Game Halloween Events

With Halloween upon us you could be persuaded to revisit some of your back catalogue if they were throwing a special spooky-themed update to their fans for free. Perhaps you’ll even pick up a free to play title if they were making an effort to join in the festivities.  Below is a list of games we’ve dug up that may provide the tricks and treats you’re looking for.

ARK: Survival Evolved

The action/adventure survival game from Studio Wildcard where you build a base with gathered resources, adding a fire and weapons.  Items can also be crafted and enhanced, again from resources and technology collected.  Dinosaurs can be tamed to be used as transport and provide extra abilities for the player.  The Player’s base must be defended against other humans and creatures. – Get the game £29.99 which is still in early access.

ark evolved fear evolved halloween special

The free Halloween update is called ‘Fear Evolved‘ is live now and runs for seven days from 29th October. It features various Halloween features are now in-game including items such as thatch-rich scarecrows, custom Jack-o-Lantern carving, Bone-Dino costumes, Candy-Corn loot drops, Witch Hats and masks, Tameable Zomdodos, Tameable Bats and Spider Saddles so you can Ride Spiders.

Devilian – Free to Play

In this MMORPG you play half devil half human and must save your world from a fallen god, Kavel.  Killing and collecting souls allows you to unleash your devil abilities which are distinct from your human abilities.  Daily quests, crafting quests, guilds, multi-guild allainces and 20 vs. 20 PvP battles.  It’s currently in beta so free when you sign up. You can also enter to win a beta key here.

devilian festival of the damned halloween


The free Halloween update ‘The Festival of the Damned‘ runs until 2 November.  During this event special Halloween Candy (sweets!) can be dropped from monsters. They can also be bought from a mysterious witch, Kamilia, who also sells a unique Witch’s Hat that will only be on sale during Halloween.  The city of Asperon will be decorated festivally

DOTA 2 – Free to Play

The daddy of the MOBA scene and game everyone should at least try once.

dota 2 haunted colosseum

This year Valve releases a Halloween-themed custom game mode called Haunted Colosseum. This a 5v5 capture-and-hold game mode in which players battle it out over five control points. If you control three, your team’s score rises; if you control more than three, it rises faster. First to 5000 wins.

Dungeon of the Endless

A Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out. – Get the game £9.99.

Dungeon of the Endless - Death Gamble Update

The free Halloween update is called the ‘Death Gamble’ and adds a number of dark and tricky treats.  Players can now encounter Death, a new merchant with a special deal on offer and there is a new item that can be found which will resuscitate the player carrying it.  The special updates will run for the entire Halloween week.

Dungeons 2

Strategy/Simulation in which you play as the evil dungeon keeper recruiting monsters from the underworld who build your dungeon. Your minions must be kept happy with food, water and pay and will grow bored without anything to do.  Any that step out of line can be given a quick slap.  Other players can raid your dungeon via cave entrances which can also leave by to go Overworld and raid others’ dungeons. – Get the game £29.99.

dungeons 2 clash of pumpkins

The free Halloween update is available from Friday 29th October.  ‘A Clash of Pumpkins‘ will have trigger-happy pumpkins, haunted forests and murderous penguins across three new combat maps; Ghostwood, Regicide and Scare Island.  – Grab it free from Steam, GOG or Kalypso Launcher.

GTA Online

The open world, action adventure game for up to 30 players from Rockstar.  Complete missions to progress and unlock more gameplay content.  Melee attacks, firearms and explosives are available to fight enemies and as well as travelling by car players can run, jump and swim.  Launch assaults on local gangs, rob armorued vehicles and challenge other players to Races.  Players can buy clothing, aircraft, masks and weapons too. Get GTA Online for £26.79.

GTA Online

The free ‘Halloween Surprise‘ update will add a couple of new vehicles, the Lurcher Hearse and the Franken Stage as well as 23 new spooky bobbleheads to adorn the dashboards. New masks and 30 new face paints can be found when taking part in Heists. A new Adversary Mode for up to 8 players called Slasher where players have to survive in the darkness as the player designated as the Slasher stalks his prey with a Shotgun. Use a new flashlight to see and if players survive for three minutes they get the chance to return the favor with a Shotgun of your own.  The event will run until Monday 16th November.

Guild Wars 2 – Free to Play

ArenaNet’s MMORPG recently received its first expansion pack. The base game is now free to play following the expansion release so anyone can jump in and enjoy the annual The Shadow of the Mad King Event.


Adventurers can enter the Mad King’s domain and face the undead armies inside the Mad King’s Labyrinth. The Mad King’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle returns in a race against time. As with most MMOs the game is also be decked out with decorations and there’s also candy corn vendors with new items.

The Secret World

MMORPG from Funcom. Join one of three world-controlling secret societies, the Illuminati, Templars or Dragon and take part in different types of missions (main, dungeons, faction-based) in modern day real world locales such as Main, Egypt, Transylvania and Tokyo.   Characters are customisable in gender and physical attributes and can favour melee, magic and ranged attacks, dual wielding certain weapons.  Combat is more action-based with some attacks possible whilst characters are moving. There are 525 abilities available which the player can select from at any point, abilities are not locked in. Regular updates are realsed from Funcom. – Get The Secret World for £24.99.

secret world halloween

The free Halloween event needs you to travel to London to investigate the mystery of a suicide and promises (threatens?) a harrowing adventure through terrible dreams. You can also play previous years’ halloween events.  There are also lots of party bags, the contents of which you can keep to yourself or share amongst friends.  As well as masks and trivial items there’s a chance to find a Geist Rider Bike a fire breathing motocycle.  Lastly, as a nod to another real world story this week there is a new Hoverboard, the Hover-tech Classic. Marty Mcfly would be envious.

Shadowrun Chronicles – Boston Lockdown

A turn-based tactical game from Cliffhanger Productions.  Set in the dystopian world of 2076 where magic meets technology and the population includes Elves, Dwarves, Orks and Trolls. The world now controlled by ruthless corporations and the matrix connects everyone and everything you become a Shadowrunner, a secret operative on the edge of society surviving on your skills and instinct.  Runner Teams complete missions and accept jobs and these can be made up of Henchmen if playing solo or other players if you have friends playing.  Character customisation with gear and skill selection allow you to hone your performance.  This FAQ. – Get Shadowrun Chronicles – Boston Lockdown for £5.09.

shadowrun chronicles infected

The purchasable Halloween content update ‘Shadowrun Chronicles Infected‘ is available now.  Boston is now plagued by crazed cyborgs determined to infect players with the nanite-induced disease.  The update features new enemies and missions as well as skills, weapons and cyberware.  There’s also a new themed pet and a gree reskill option. – Get the Halloween update for £6.99.

SMITE – Free to Play

Hi-Rez Studios’ MOBA SMITE e may not be the most popular MOBA around but it is a great game worth any PC gamer’s attention.  Called The Reaping II, this is the second Halloween event for the game in the past few weeks.


In this event players must stand against The God of Death one final time. Earn Double XP & Worshipers and those courageous enough will earn 20 Gems for each First Win of the Day. A total of 480 Gems can be earned over the course of this weekend.

Event ends 1 November.

Victor Vran

The action RPG from Haemimont Games.  In the gothic-fantasy you play as a demon hunter who can customise weapons, items and spells to suit.  Other passive abilities are added to the arsenal by way of Destiny Cards and outfits.  Enemy attacks can be dodged and avoided and all weaponry offers a basic move and a couple of special moves which, when combined, add special bonuses and effects.

A large game world of districts and dungeons in and around Zagoravia each with their own challenges. The difficulty of these can be altered by using special items to boost the enemies. – Get Victor Vran at £10.39.

The free Halloween update adds a new area, ‘Secret Pumpkin Level’. As well as the new area there are new items and a new Boss Fight with The PumpKing (ah, I see what they did there), on his death special gift box will be rewarded.

Warface – Free to Play

FPS from Crytek.  Play as four different classes, Engineer, Medic, Rifleman or Sniper and use their unique weaponry to fight in the different modes of play such as Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Capture, Arena, Convoy.  Co-op modes rely heavily on good teamwork.  Earning points based on performance players can then contribute these to unlocking new equipment, outfits and weapons for purchase.  Get Warface.

The free Halloween event, ‘Cyber Horde‘ is available now.  A Co-op mode requires players to band together to fight their way through woodland and deserted military facilities in the dead of night.  A heavily-armored vehicle will offer some protection for some of the time but other times the team will be left exposed to whatever lurks in the dark and with nowhere to hide.  A Cemetery map from a previous Halloween event is also available to unlock.

Wildstar – Free to Play

MMORPG from Carbine Studios. The game takes place on Nexus a planet once inhabited by a hyper-advanced race of aliens known as the Eldan who have practically disappeared.  Two factions fight for control, The Dominion an intergalactic empire and The Exiles a group of refugees and outlaws driven from their homelands by The Dominion. Character customisation, questing, playing housing, PvP are all in place. – Download Wildstar.

wildstar shades eve

The Halloween update is called ‘Shade’s Eve‘ and runs from 19th october to 2nd November.   Shade’s Eve will offer new items, dailies, events and even a new instance.  Capital cities will also undergo a change with new unique housing decor. One of Nexus’ most chilling legends will unfold, the tale of Jack Shade. – Download Shade’s Eve.

Team Fortress 2 – Free to Play

The ever popular team based shooter Team Fortress 2 from Valve needs no introduction and Halloween celebrations are back.

team fortress 2

Called Scream Fortress, the update brings 9 community created items, Halloween themed maps to enjoy including Gorge (Attack/Defense), Hellstone (Payload), Moonshine (King of the Hill), and Sinshine (Control Point). All players will receive a Scream Fortress Gargoyle in their inventory which enables players to earn items from past Halloween events. Finally, there’s two new taunts. A broomstick taunt and a Soldier’s Requiem taunt.

Ultra Street Fighter IV – Horror Complete Pack

Capcom’s fighter is now celebrating Halloween with the release of a costume pack which includes multiple costume packs in one bundle. This is not exactly cheap though priced at £15.99 which is a lot to ask even if it does include multiple packs.


The nine item bundle includes USFIV: 2014 Challengers Horror Pack, USFIV: Arcade Challengers Horror Pack, USFIV: Brawler Horror Pack, USFIV: Challengers Horror Pack 1, USFIV: Challengers Horror Pack 2, USFIV: Classic Horror Pack, USFIV: Femme Fatale Horror Pack, USFIV: Shadaloo Horror Pack, USFIV: Shoryuken Horror Pack.

World of Warcraft Hallows End

Blizzard’s Hallows End returns to the MMORPG and there all kinds of strange phenomenon to find in this year’s update.


The Headless Horseman appears every yeear and he’s back again to do battle. There are also quests which can be picked up by visiting the Wickerman celebration just outside the city gates of Undercity and Stormwind. There are also specific Halloween itrems to be found such as pets. mounts, toys, costumes and consumables.

The event ends on 1 November.

And so concludes our PC games Halloween events list. There’s something for everyone and we hope you all enjoy the PC gaming festivities over the next few days.

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