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It wasn’t until recently that gamers received a new, official Mega Man title. Back in the mid-twenty-teens, Mega Man 11 didn’t exist, and things looked promising as Keiji Inafune was hard at work on Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to the classic platformer. For fans wanting something more of the blue-bomber feels, there was also the roguelike 20XX. Batterystaple Games, 20XX‘s developer, is now looking to expand on that universe. It has revealed more details about the mechanics in the sequel, 30XX, along with plans to launch on PC in 2021.

Ace up its sleeve

30XX picks up one millennium after the events of 20XX. The main character, Ace, now comes fitted with new upgrades and features. In the trailer below, Chris King, founder of Batterystaple Games, discusses some of those upgrades. This includes the Dolomite Link, which launches you onto enemies, and the ability to rain lightning from above with the Raijin Call. There is also a noticeable visual change to a more pixelated, 16-bit vibe vs. the hand-drawn art style of 20XX.

Incoming demo

If you like what you’ve seen, you’ll probably want to check out the demo for 30XX when it drops. The demo will become available on Steam to kick things off for The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition. This will take place from June 16 to June 22.

30XX is currently in development and has a planned release window sometime in 2021. We don’t know, though, how far along in the development cycle 30XX is at this point. Its Steam page jokingly lists its release date as “the year 30XX, probably.” One of the images included in the screenshots and trailer even notes it as being “PRE-ALPHA – WORK IN PROGRESS – NOT EVEN CLOSE TO FINAL.”

Check out a review of the Nintendo Switch version of 20XX on our sister site, Nintendo Enthusiast.

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