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3D Realms’ Scott Miller extends an open invitation for more offers to reboot classic titles.

Explaining how the recently Greenlit Wacky Wheels fan-reboot project came about, Miller says “That was something we didn’t initiate ourselves, it was just some guys who came and said they were fans of the game. This was about two years ago and I gave it the thumbs up and we have an agreement in place and everything.”

If that’s not already a direct enough invitation for interested developers to make a pitch for other 3D Realms titles, Miller adds: “If people were to approach us for some of these other games, we’d probably give them the right to go ahead and reboot it also.”

“With a game like [Wacky Wheels], if someone doesn’t come along and reboot it then it’s dead anyway, so you might as well let someone take a shot at it.”

Rise of the Triad and Shadow Warrior have, of course, already received the reboot treatment in recent years.

So, if someone out there reading this has a burning desire to pitch a reboot of Stargunner, Xenophage, or, yes, even Math Rescue, Miller’s door may well be open for business.

There will be a full interview with Scott is now available.

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