5 South Park episodes that would make great games

With the release of the highly anticipated South Park: The Stick of Truth, I thought it only proper to recommend you read this article published by Den of Geek and written by Joe Jasko, which details 5 South Park episodes which would make great video games. If the recent reviews for The Stick of Truth prove anything, it’s that South Park can be translated into a great video game.

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Jasko mentions several classic episodes such as Good Times With Weapons and Imaginationland. There’s no doubt that the episodes he picked would certainly make interesting games. Ever since the classic episode, Make Love, Not Warcraft, South Park has always had a strange but nice sort of relationship with gaming and the episodes have often included gaming pop culture. Who can forget the time Cartman was so excited for the Wii he froze himself to avoid having to wait for it? Or the time all the kids split into two rival gangs, one buying the Xbox One, the other buying the PS4? Many gamers love South Park and with that in mind I recommend you check out Jasko’s article right Meeeere, as Cartman would say.

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