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Sit back, unwind, and play a round of virtual golf. Playtonic Friends announced today that its third game, A Little Golf Journey, will arrive on PC via Steam this summer. The announcement came with a new trailer, featuring the game’s stunning visuals that are sure to give players some relaxing vibes.

According to Steam, A Little Golf Journey sees players teeing off all over different terrains in a mysteriously colorless world. Players can restore color to the land with each completed course. Along the way, they can “unlock secrets” and discover the truth about an anonymous character named X. The game features more than 100 holes (some of which are a secret) and 10 locations. A Little Golf Journey provides hours of fun for both casual and serious golf sim fans.


The new trailer gives fans a glimpse at some of A Little Golf Journey‘s intricate courses. The game features water-based levels, floating levels, and even a few levels in space. The trailer also provides a preview of the game’s chill soundtrack, created by video game music composer Haakon Davidsen. There’s no release date yet, but A Little Golf Journey is scheduled to launch on PC in the coming months. Check out the full trailer below.

Playtonic Friends presents…

A Little Golf Journey comes on the heels of Playtonic Games launching its new publishing branch, Playtonic Friends, earlier this year. Back in February, the developer announced the new Playtonic Friends label and revealed that it already had a few titles in the works. In addition, the company assured that it would still work on its famous Yooka-Laylee games. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of hidden gems out there that are left unearthed!” the studio said in a blog post at the time. “We’re making it our mission to bring interesting games that tickle our fancy to the surface and get the love and attention they deserve.”

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