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Godhood - Coming in 2019

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard from Abbey Games, the Netherlands-based studio which crafted the delightful Reus and Renowned Explorers. Both games have had both a strong fan following and community support. In the case of Renowned Explorers, fans were kept up to date with weekly community challenges. We haven’t heard any new developments since they last tried to pull our leg with an April Fools’ joke. Fortunately, it seems Abbey Games have been quite busy lately developing their new title — Godhood.

Playing god in Godhood

From Godhood’s trailer alone, players will be reminded of the art style of Renowned Explorers. The hand-drawn characters and scenery and the isometric view of the land is pure Abbey Games goodness. However, rather than controlling intrepid adventurers, Godhood will instead let you play, literally, as a god. As a young deity with a devoted but small flock, you cannot control your followers directly but you will be able to determine their fates. This will be done via choices presented on-screen à la Renowned Explorers.

Players can have their followers erect monuments or temples to their honor, as well as live in virtue or sin. Each choice will have a consequence for your religion. Will your followers become prophets? Or will villagers pelt them with stones as outcasts? Will you have them live for the good of mankind, or will you have them enact blood sacrifices?

Just as in human mythology and history, deities and their followers will also vie for power against other supernatural forces. The game’s combat system will be done through the use of “Sacraments” where followers can break opposing theological viewpoints. Abbey Games also touts Godhood’s massive replayability with side quests, secrets, and various religious combinations.

Even though Godhood is still a ways off, releasing in 2019, we definitely cannot wait to simulate the rise of Zoroastrianism or Tengrism just for kicks. As usual, PC Invasion will keep you updated as Abbey Games and Godhood reaches for the heavens in the next few months. You can also check out the game’s official site here.

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