abyss odyssey

Aw jeez, I hate it when that happens.

Punching things in dungeons is a venerable videogame tradition that Abyss Odyssey appears to wholeheartedly support. The side-scrolling fists-n-melee extravaganza is the next game from ACE Team, the guys behind Zeno Clash.

It shouldn’t just be a mindless button-bashing brawler, however. ACE Team say there’s a “complex fighting engine” behind the Art Nouveau style, to the extent that your character can steal the move-set of a defeated foe and start using it themselves.

Abyss Odyssey has three characters to pick from: warrior lady Katrien, the clothes-shy and ethereal Pincoya and Ghost Monk, who is called Ghost Monk and is therefore excellent by default.

The dungeon levels are procedurally generated to some extent, so the odyssey is intended to be one you replay. Oh, and all of this is taking place inside the mind of a powerful Warlock who’s having a bit of nap. Why? Look, these guys made Zeno Clash, this is all perfectly straightforward when compared to that series.

Abyss Odyssey is out on 15 July and looks pretty great. I’m always keen to try anything by ACE Team, though. You can see it for yourself with this E3 audio-visual presentation.

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