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That controller prompt won’t be there in future if you use mouse and keyboard.

ACE Team has outlined some upcoming changes that are planned for the first Abyss Odyssey patch, which should please those who don’t enjoy friendly fire. Four main areas are being looked at, based on the first few hours of feedback received from players.

A “Nightmare Difficulty” settings is in the works, so that’ll be welcome for anybody who finds it a bit easy to get down to see the Warlock every time they play. Also likely to be popular is the promise to “Re-evaluate / find an alternative” to friendly fire being on by default in co-op. ACE Team has said that removing it entirely would probably make Abyss Odyssey co-op too easy overall, but they’re obviously looking into some kind of approach that’ll make people happy. They may just end up incorporating an on/off toggle, we’ll see.

On the subject of controls, the first patch should remove any instances of controller prompts showing up if a player is using mouse and keyboard. ACE Team is also planning to add a customisable menu for controllers, so that those using pads can redefine their controls (you can put that X+Y Pokemon power on something a bit more sensible.)

There’s no specific date for a patch yet, but it’s planned for release “soon.” Edit: Actually, it’s now due on 17 July. Neat.

In addition to all that, the developers have revealed that enough people have defeated the Warlock to chip away the first fragment of his mask. That means the game has reached the “next phase” and new things should appear in the Abyss. Precisely what those things might be isn’t explained, which probably means you just need to play the game some more and find out.

You can read our review of Abyss Odyssey here and, if you’re struggling, our beginner’s guide to the game here.

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