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    More bird-creatures? I, for one, hope so.

    ACE Team’s Abyss Odyssey has been patched to version 1.03 today, and the Warlock’s mask has broken resulting in more creatures in the underworld. As you’ll know if you play the game, as players defeat the Warlock at the bottom of the Abyss, his mask gradually fractures and new things occur in the game.

    Right now, his mask looks like this:

    While I’ve not yet been in to investigate for myself, that inevitably means the boss fight will be tougher. Over on the Steam forums somebody has mentioned capturing four new creatures. So, there have clearly been some changes in the Abyss.

    As well as new beasties to capture and play as in Abyss Odyssey, the version 1.03 patch brings the following changes:

    • Attacks that output strong impact vfxs do high damage to shields.
    • Tweaked all character shield values.
    • Updated grab vfx and sfx.
    • Tweaked difficulty chance assigned to levels.
    • Slightly increased AI level of most NPCs.
    • Captured enemies have 70% of their health when used by players.
    • Projectiles that move in arcs don’t collide with jump through platforms during their rise.
    • Fixed blue fireball collisions.
    • Fixed XP displaying incorrectly for players using XP rings.
    • Health orbs give slightly less health.

    Note: The bulk of this update addresses additional content for the next mask phase (not described in the change list)

    Peter Parrish

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