Everplay Interactive’s 16-bit-style action hero arrives on the App Store

Leading independent mobile games publisher Chillingo has today announced the launch of Everplay Interactive’s action-packed retro romp Bill Killem on the App Store.

How do you like your action movie stars? Do you prefer the gun-totting badass with a killer moustache, a hardcore eyepatch, and an old school 16-bit appearance?

Introducing Bill Killem, the star of this ass-kicking action game, and he has a bone to pick with the alien invaders who decided to crash the premiere of Killem’s latest flick.

Take to the rooftops of Los Angeles and get trigger happy with as many weapons as you can get your hands on while dodging chainsaw-wielding troops, and airstrikes.
With an alien tractor beam nipping at his heels, can this run-and-gun movie star live up to his dazzling Hollywood moniker?

Game Features:

  • Endless retro run-and-gun gameplay
  • Awesome 16-bit visual style
  • Tons of challenging missions to complete
  • Get trigger-happy with everything from shotguns to lasers
  • Cool disguises and power-ups to unlock

Go in guns blazin’ or go home. Bill Killem is free to download on the App Store now.

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