As expected, Activision are set to monetise the Call of Duty franchise further later this year with Call of Duty: Elite.
You purchased the game and you want all the features that come with online play thrown in for the price. Well it’s going to get tougher on the wallets of Call of Duty players as it looks like they will have to pay around an extra $7.99 (price not yet confirmed) a month to get all the online features and extra goodies.
The service is said to include extra content such as map packs that will not be available on the retail discs and we can only assume that this new pricing model will mean that you may have to subscribe for on-going DLC. If you buy the game and don’t subscribe, you will of course still be able to play, but without all the extra content or whatever other bells and whistles are added to the service once launched. Activision has said they will be adding tools so players can track their performance which will please the number crunchers.
Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has been very keen to see Call of Duty be monetised further after watching the success of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. How the playing public take the announcement still remains to be seen but I doubt Bobby is too concerned about any backlash. 
With the price of the game, and a PSN or Xbox Live sub, you are going to have to be pretty fanatical about Call of Duty to spend the cash each month to get new content.
At this point in time the executives at Activision have not figured out a price for the service but you can bet we’ll hear more about Call of Duty: Elite next week at E3 in Los Angeles.
Source: WSJ

Paul Younger
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