Adventures story modes are slashing their way to Vampire Survivors

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Poncle just announced that Vampire Survivors is getting a new game mode called Adventures. If Vampire Survivors was getting stale for you, jump back in and enjoy Adventures!

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What are Adventures in Vampire Survivors?

Adventures is a new game mode that acts like a mini, replayable campaign. In Adventures, you’ll play a specific character with specific items and be required to meet a winning condition like survive for a certain amount of time or kill a boss.

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Adventures is available on every platform and is a free update. At first, we’ll get three Adventures: A Garlic Paradise, World of Light and Dark, and Legacy of Moonspell which is the only one so far attached to a DLC.

When does the Vampire Survivors Adventures update release?

Vampire Survivors Adventures releases “soon.” That’s all Poncle has shared as far as a release date goes which, admittedly, is annoying. In my humble opinion, I think Poncle’s “soon” in this situation could be before the end of the year or early 2024, but that’s just my guess.

Adventures features a loose storyline and showcases more Vampire Survivors lore. Once you beat an Adventure, you can reset it and gain an Ascension point to permanently upgrade a stat moving forward. This can be done an infinite amount of times.

A couple more features you should know about: Adventures supports local co-op which is great to hear. If you are new to Vampire Survivors, you’ll need to unlock Adventures as it’s not a mode that is automatically unlocked. You unlock Adventures by getting the Atlas Gate relic which is available after seven minutes in the Boss Rash stage and after the Dairy Plant for the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC.

If you have more questions about Vampire Survivors Adventures, I highly suggest you check out the Adventures FAQ. There’s more answers there than I have space here to fill, so check that out for more detailed info on Vampire Adventures.

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