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Aerosoft shows off more of Heavy Cargo – The Truck Simulator in a new teaser

Don't worry... be heavy!

Aerosoft recently hosted its NextSim 22 video presentation that featured a healthy amount of titles from its development partners. This included three completely brand-new sims — CityDriver, SubwaySim and City Bus Manager — and new looks at some already-announced titles, such as Heavy Cargo – The Truck Simulator. While Heavy Cargo – The Truck Simulator won’t release until 2023, Aerosoft did release a new teaser for the upcoming title.

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Heavy Cargo – The Truck Simulator seems to take the hauling mechanics of sims like American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 and cranks the action up a few notches.


Bigger is better

Your goal in Heavy Cargo is to manually load oversized cargo onto a trailer, secure it, and then haul it to its destination across challenging road networks. Some of the cargo types include things like locomotives, large yachts, and construction vehicles.

As seen in the teaser above, Heavy Cargo has exceptionally complex missions with long trailers and very large loads, including some quick snippets of what the manual loading will look like. There will be “over 30 different mission types” that require mastery on the part of the player to ensure success. Making the experience even more hands-on, players also have to make sure their routes are suitable for traversal by removing obstacles, stabilizing bridges, and more.

Some of these mechanics are similar to SnowRunner, which has a very similar focus on managing the state of the route and carrying out the duty of cargo delivery. Another similar feature is that completed missions in Heavy Cargo will “have a direct impact on the game world,” alluding to there being permanent changes to the map as you progress.

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Speaking of the game’s map, Aerosoft states it will cover 77 square miles, which is on the beefier side. This will encompass various locales such as large cities, small villages, and various other types of places in between.

Heavy Cargo – The Truck Simulator doesn’t have a release window other than the enigmatic 2023, but it can be wishlisted on Steam.

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