Age Of Conan: Border Kingdom Changes Announced

Age of Conan’s game director Craig ‘Silirrion’ Morrison has detailed several changes coming to the game as a result of player feedback. First on the list of improvements were the proposed changes to Shrines; Rewards for making a sacrifice are now given to the group/raid that makes the sacrifice, allowing players to form a raid that has players from different guilds. This was one of the most-requested features from players, according to Morrison. Other changes to Shrines include buff changes, the location of three of the alters, making it easier for smaller guilds to hold a shrine. Another gruesome addition to the game will be Body Parts and Pyres. When players are killed in PvP in Cimmerian End, there will be a chance that they’ll drop body parts, which can be sacrificed at the appropriate pyre. Each body part, either a Severed Limb, Mutilated Torso or Severed Head, has a different spawn chance and reward.