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The bundle of anxiety known as Age of Empires IV is getting a brand new update, improving many aspects of the game. The real-time strategy game brought some key changes to the game that is sure to improve the experience for all players, with an improved mini-map and buff to the Spearman class. The update actually comes somewhat earlier than fans might have anticipated, as indicated by the Age of Empires IV roadmap.

This isn’t just some basic balance update, however. It’s a massive update that brings over 100 balance changes to different parts of the game, and adjustments to many of the game’s UI issues. These updates are for the fans, as many of these changes were taken from feedback. The developers even distinguish this new build as an update versus a patch, as the developers define an update “as anything with a larger number of changes.” Speaking of UI, players have also been critical of the mini-map. The update addresses the problems with changes to icons. It shrinks icon sizes, turns fish icons “slightly blue,” and increases the size of the Primary Town Center.


The Spearman unit got buffs when facing Cavalry. As a general change, its bonus damage against Cavalry units has been increased from 3 to 3.5 times base damage. This means a Rank I Spearman’s damage has increased from 12 to 15, while a Rank IV can dish out 28 damage as opposed to 22.

A new Age of Empires update

In regards to the balance changes, Balance Lead Eric Wrobel gave an in-depth explanation of all the changes in the game (you can check out the official list of changes on the official website here.):

“In Age of Empires IV, our goal is to provide high impact unit counters and ensure that most powerful and successful armies include a diverse mix of units. This encourages players to constantly scout one another’s towns to get updated information on the kinds of units their opponent(s) are creating and unleash devastating counters! Our balance updates center around ensuring the core unit roster as well as unique units and technologies are working properly to fit this vision.”

Other major changes include the addition of in-game player scores. It won’t be a mandatory addition and can be turned on by players who want them. You can also view the map post-match.

Age Of Empires Update 2

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