According to a poll on an Aion website, over 86% of players intend to renew their subscriptions after the first free month of game play has ended.Over 1,000 readers on aionsource have voted so far to say whether they will continue to pay NCsoft to play the recently-released Aion after the free period has ended. However, from the 86% that said they will continue playing, almost 13% said they will only give the game another month unless the queue issue is resolved.Those players should be happy to read that earlier this week, Aion’s Lance Stites stated that free server transfers will be offered to all players from next month, to alleviate the heavy queues.The amount of subscribers that an MMO retains after its first month is usually a good indication of the game’s future performance, so if this poll is to be believed, NCsoft should be pretty pleased.Of course, it’s possible that the figures are way off considering the location of the poll (on a fansite), but it will be interesting to see the results over a longer period, once it reaches a larger proportion of the players.Yet to try Aion? Check out our review of the first 20 levels to find out more.

    Paul Younger
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