Alien: Isolation’s latest DLC seeks to salvage the horror

alien isolation guide 10
This remains my favourite Alien: Isolation screenshot, and that’s coming from someone who really likes the game.

Which is a pun-tastic way of saying that the latest bit of Alien: Isolation DLC, Safe Haven, contains a new Salvage mode.

Safe Haven sounds like an interesting twist on the typical Alien: Isolation gameplay, anyway. Playing as Hughes, you’ve apparently found “the only safe room on Sevastopol”, but with supplies running low, you have to keep making forays out into the dangerous station. Head out, complete objectives, salvage supplies, and make your way back safely.

The map in question is apparently twice the size of the previous Survivor Mode maps, and gives you the choice of exploring the Bacchus Apartments or Gemini Systems. All of which sounds pretty good! Although there’s still a nagging voice in the back of my head saying “All of that could be true, and it could still be a 30-minute experience featuring one proper map rather than a huge, replayable experience.”

It’s £5.59, anyway, if that makes any difference to you. If you already have Alien: Isolation‘s Season Pass then you don’t need to pay, mind you – this is included within.

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