All 13 of Maggie Adler’s letter locations in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Where To Find All Letters 13 Locations Maggie Adler Guide Walkthrough
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There are 13 of Maggie Adler’s letters scattered around locations in Camena in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. Each provides a little more context about the events of the narrative and encourages more world exploration. You’ll need to collect all 13 to unlock the different achievements for the five different sets, so here’s where to find each.

All 13 of Maggie Adler’s letter locations around Camena in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals

Each of Adler’s letters is identifiable by a white tinkle, which often stands out in the neutral environments of Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. There is a gear requirement for digging up these letters, so you’ll need to get the climbing equipment from the general store with Jacob before the hunting may begin.

Uptown Harbor letter

Once you’re ready to start finding Maggie Adler’s letters, head to the flagpole in town and dig up the first. It’s just above the general store and addressed to Mel Chapman.

Funnie’s Parking Lot letter

From the Harbor, head left up the road and continue until you reach Funnie’s Parking Lot. There’s a Family Market there and you’ll find the Ingrid White letter on the right side of the building by the dumpster.

Copper Creek Trail letter

Go up the road and hit the Copper Creek Trail for the next letter. You’ll eventually reach a junction on the trail where you need to take a right and climb up a cliff to reach the Mel Chapman letter on a ledge there.

Pemmican Trailhead letter

Climb down from the ledge and head left, continuing up the Copper Creek Trail. Once you’ve reached the Pemmican Trailhead area, head up the path and take the first left across a fallen log and into a small clearing where the J.B. letter is.

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Where To Find All Letters Locations Maggie Adler Camber Cape

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Camber Cape letter

Go to Camber Cape and head up the hill until you’re near the top. There’s a small animal burrow off to the right which contains the J.B. letter.

Point Tilia letters

There are two letters in Point Tilia. The first is near the bottom-left end of the location and requires a rope to descent down to. Follow the paths and continue to the left across the waterfall. The path eventually descends down to a point where you’ll spot the J.B. letter on a ledge. Use a rope to get to it.

The other is up towards the ranger station, but not quite that far. You’ll spot a notice board nearby which you can head past to the right and up some winding paths to reach the Ingrid White letter.

Tootega Falls letter

Cross left over the bridge of the large waterfall and go down steps then jump across the stones to reach the J.B. letter.

Horseshoe Beach letter

There is a pre-requirement to collect this letter that involves confronting Charlie at Tootega Falls. Once that is complete, head back to the Horseshoe Beach and climb down to the sand. The Kenneth Young letter is next tot he water under a rock arch.

Waterhead Bluffs letter

Progress through Waterhead Bluffs by solving the collapsing mine puzzle and escaping from the cave. You’ll climb a ladder and then a cliff on the way to the next cave. There’s a small path connected to one of the ledges which leads to a Kenneth Young letter.

Charity Point letter

The letter is on a ledge at Charity Point. Climb up to the path and then drop down to acquire the Kenneth Young letter.

Garland Ghost Town letter

Head to the church in town and through the graveyard to some steps that lead directly to the Ingrid White letter.

Barenson Creek letter

This last letter is only available once you’ve collected the rest. Starting at Jacob’s house, head down the path to the shed where you’ll find the letter.

Once you’ve found all 13 of Maggie Adler’s letters at these locations you’ll have the achievements for Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals and be closer to full game completion.

Don’t forget this game is free for Netflix subscribers if you’d like friends to check out the adventure, too. The Steam introductory offer also only lasts for the first week of availability before the price increases.

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