All Archetype locations in Remnant 2

All Archetype locations in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 lets you play your way. The world may change, and the enemies may be adaptable, but the loadout you roll with and the Archetype you choose can be molded by you. The game makes you choose an archetype right at the beginning of the game. This determines your loadout, starting armor, and perks and traits. However, as you progress and finally reach level ten, you can change your archetype up and even add a second one. However, to do this, you will need to find each of the archetype’s locations in Remnant 2.

All Archetype locations in Remnant 2

There are the starting archetypes in the game that can be easily picked up in Ward 13 from various vendors, but there is also a list of secret archetypes. These are harder to find and can be grabbed from the various worlds for serious loadout superiority.

Starting Archetypes Locations

  • Medic – Can be found by visiting Dr. Noah in the medical tent in Ward 13. You can pay 1500 scrap to purchase the Medic Pin.
  • Hunter – If you want to equip the Hunter starting archetype in Remnant 2, it is located with Barbus. His shop in Ward 13 sells the Rusty Medal, which costs a total of 1500 scrap.
All Archetype locations in Remnant 2

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  • Challenger – This starting archetype in Remnant 2 can be found with Reggie. He sells an Old Metal Tool, which will allow you to equip the Challenger archetype.
  • Handler – This is widely considered to be one of the better-starting archetypes in Remnant 2. It is a little harder to find due to the mission it is locked behind. After listening to a whole trove of Mudtooth’s stories, you can finally open up his shop. You can buy the Old Whistle for 1500 scrap.
  • Gunslinger – This is a starting class for people who pre-ordered the game. For anyone who didn’t, you will first have to progress far enough through the campaign to acquire the Root Earth. Talking to Mudtooth once you have unlocked his shop will grant you the location for the Worn Cylinder in Remnant 2.
All Archetype locations in Remnant 2

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Secret Archetypes Locations

  • Alchemist – Make your way into Losomn. In this dismal area, you may notice sewer grates around the map. Approach these, and you may end up with a random event in which you’re dragged into them by an unseen beast. The Manticora has you in its grasp and must be killed to obtain the location for the Mysterious Stone, which grants the Alchemist Archetype.
  • Engineer – This is a hard one to find. You will have to head to N’Erud and look for either the Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon. You will have to head around the edges of the map, right by the killing fog, until you find a spire with a platform you can climb. Run through the fog as fast as you can to avoid dying and climb the pedestals. There are two alien bodies to loot. These are the locations for the Engineer Archetype when you pick up the Technical Set.
  • Summoner – In Yaesha you will have noticed Bloodmoon Altars locations. These are used to buy things with Bloodmoon Essence. You need to buy a Faded Grimoire to unlock the Summoner Archetype.
All Archetype locations in Remnant 2

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  • Explorer – The Broken Compass is earned after fighting the final boss in Root Earth. It is a fantastic archetype because it pings up interesting locations around the map, making your next playthrough full of loot. Defeating this boss will give you the Broken Compass.
  • Archon Archetype – This one is a monster and one of the best in Remnant 2. You need to have met all these requirements and have all these items equipped to continue with the mission for the archetype location. You must have Explore Archetype to Level 10 with Fortune Hunter skill equipped: Invader Archetype to Level 5 with Worm Hole skill equipped, Realmwalker armor set, Void Heart Relic, Ford’s Scattergun, Cube Gun, Labyrinth Staff, Leto’s Amulet, Amber Moonstone ring, Black Cat Band ring, Anastasija’s Inspiration ring, and Zania’s Malice ring. Head to the Labirynth location and find the portal with the ever-changing endpoint. Head through this when it displays a void, and you will find a bridge forming. Finally, this will lead you to the Strange Box, which can be used to unlock the Archon archetype.

How to use the items in Remnant 2

Once you have acquired the archetype materials, you need to take them to Wallace in the crane cabin in Ward 13. Finally, he will turn it into the archetype you desire for a price.

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