All Collabs and Super Collabs in Holocure – Full list

All Collabs and Super Collabs in Holocure - Full list
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Holocure seemingly came out of nowhere and is a superb free title that shares many similarities with the ever-popular Vampire Survivors. One prominent feature shared by both titles is the ability to combine items to make something much more powerful. If you’re familiar with Vampire Survivor‘s Evo system, you know how Holocure‘s Collabs work. The hard part is figuring out what items go together, and that’s where this guide comes in. Here’s the full list of Collabs and Super Collabs in Holocure.

All Collabs and Super Collabs in Holocure – Full list

These Collabs are in alphabetical order. Note that several weapons must be unlocked before appearing in your runs. Many of these weapons are earned by defeating stage bosses or surviving for 10mins with specific characters:

  • Absolute Wall – Bounce Ball + Cutting Board 
  • BL Fujoshi -BL Book + Psycho Axe 
  • Bone Bros – Cutting Board + EN’s Curse 
  • Breathe-in Type Asacoco – Holo Bomb + Plug Type Asacoco
  • Broken Dreams – CEO’s Tears + Spider Cooking
  • Crescent Bardiche – Idol Song + Psycho Axe
  • Curse Ball – Bounce Ball + EN’s Curse
  • Dragon Fire – Fan Beam + Plug Type Asacoco
  • Eldritch Fire – EN’s Curse + Spider Cooking
  • Elite Cooking – Elite Lava Bucket + Spider Cooking
  • Flattening Board – Cutting Board + Holo Bomb
  • Frozen Sea – BL Book + Wamy Water
  • Idol Concert – Glowstick + Idol Song
  • I’m Die, Thank You Forever – Holo Bomb + X-Potato
  • Legendary Sausage – BL Book + Sausage
  • Light Beam – Fan Beam + Glowstick
  • Lighting Wiener – Plug Type Asacoco + Sausage
  • MiComet – Elite Lava Bucket + X-Potato
  • Rap Dog – Idol Song + X-Potato
  • Ring of Fitness – Bounce Ball + CEO’s Tears
  • Snow Flower Sake – Glowstick + Wamy Water
  • Stream Of Tears – CEO’s Tears + Fan Beam 
All Collabs and Super Collabs in Holocure - Full list

Image by PC Invasion

Super Collabs

The most potent combinations in Holocure are known as Super Collabs. To make one of these coveted weapons, you need specific Collabs and an item to go with them. Super Collabs are end-game weapons and require a Golden Hammer and Golden Anvil. The Golden Hammer will only appear once you hit level 50 or already have three Bollabs in your inventory. Here are the recipes:

  • Holy Fire – Dragon Fire + Gorillas Paw
  • Idol Live – Idol Concert + Idol Costume
  • Jingisukan – Elite Cooking + Uber Sheep
  • Snow Queen – Snow Flower Sake + Sake

Holocure offers an upbeat, stylish take on the Vampire Survivors formula with enough new ideas to stand on its own merit. If you can’t get enough of games like this, Halls of Torment offers a gothic take on the genre reminiscent of old-school ARPGs. If you’re up for the challenge, check out our guide for the best Halls of Torment Characters.

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