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All Destiny 2 The Final Shape Seal Triumphs for Transcendent Title walkthrough: Secret Triumphs, explained

You've got your work cut out for you in the Pale Heart, Guardian.

The Transcendent Title is awarded to Guardians dedicated enough to conquer the majority of The Final Shape’s Triumphs in Destiny 2. Here’s every Triumph required to unlock the Transcendent title and how to complete them.

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Destiny 2 Transcendent Title — The Final Shape Triumphs

Final Shape Triumphs Transcendent Destiny 2
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To earn the Transcendent Title in Destiny 2, players need to complete eleven Triumphs tied to The Final Shape’s activities, missions, and secrets. Click on any of the required Triumphs below to jump to their section of the guide:

Pale Heart Pathfinder

Currently, there are two Triumphs under the The Final Shape Title section with the name “Pale Heart Pathfinder.” One requires you to complete the Pale Heart badge, while the other is tied to the Pathfinder system introduced in TFS. Here’s how to get them both

Trophies from the Pale Heart

The Final Shape Collection Pathfinder Destiny 2
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The first Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph has the ambiguous description of “Trophies from the Pale Heart.” This Triumph requires you to complete the Pale Heart Pathfinder Badge in the Collector’s tab.

The Pale Heart Pathfinder Badge requires you to collect the following items:

ItemTypeHow to obtain
The First KnifeExotic ShipParacausal Geometries Triumph
Victorious OddmentEmblemComplete The Final Shape Campaign on Legendary
Wander OnEmblemTalk to Ghost after completing The Final Shape Campaign
Reaching WithinShaderUnknown (Likely Ghost reputation)
First Ascent Casque
First Ascent Helm
First Ascent Hood
Helmet“The Visitation” Quest (Micah-10)
First Ascent Grips
First Ascent Gauntlets
First Ascent Gloves
Gauntlets“The Shadows” Quest (Micah-10)
First Ascent Vest
First Ascent Plate
First Ascent Robes
Chest Armor“The Veiled” Quest (Micah-10)
First Ascent Strides
First Ascent Greaves
First Ascent Boots
Leg armor“The Return” Quest (Micah-10)
First Ascent Cloak
First Ascent Mark
Ascent Bond
Hunter Cloak
Titan Mark
Warlock Bond
“The Ascendant” Quest (Micah-10)
Khvostov 7G-0XExotic Assault RifleSecret unlock chain
Still HuntExotic Sniper Rifle“Wild Card” Quest
MicrocosmExotic Trace Rifle“Convalescence: Budding” Quest (Micah-10)
Khvostov 7G-02Assault RifleCollect all Encryption Bits from Regional Chests and Cysts
Pro MemoriaMachine Gun“Convalescence: Underbrush” Quest
False IdolsSword“Alone in the Dark” Quest (Cyst 4/6)
No HesitationAuto RifleObtained during The Final Shape Campaign
Bold EndingsHand Cannon“Alone in the Dark” Quest (Cyst 2/6)
Axial LacunaFusion Rifle“Alone in the Dark” Quest (Cyst 3/6)
SomedayShotgun“Convalescence: Rootbound” Quest
The CallSidearmObtained during The Final Shape Campaign
Embraced IdentitySniper Rifle“Convalescence: Greenery” Quest

Claim path rewards from the Pale Heart Pathfinder

Once you’ve unlocked The Pale Heart as a regular Destiny 2 Destination, a Pathfinder icon will appear in the center of the map. Each week, you must complete various tasks in the Pathfinder to form a path that leads to the path completion award of Powerful Gear, Ergo Sum, Challenger XP, and Ghost Reputation.

Pathfinder Pale Heart Destiny 2 The Final Shape
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It isn’t clear how many path completion rewards you need to earn the Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph, but it’s going to be a lot. While the Path Reward naturally resets each week, you can manually reset the board for 30,000 Glimmer to earn multiple Path Rewards weekly.

Lighting the Future

The Lighting the Future Triumph requires you to “reflect upon your journey and look forward to a hopeful future.” This is done by completing The Final Shape Campaign and Excision Activity, then returning to the Pale Heart.


Ghost Rank Reset Destiny 2
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The Inseparable Triumph is earned by resetting Ghost’s Vendor reputation three times. This means reaching Rank 16 and redeeming the Reset Rank Rank Reward thrice.

Reputation with Ghost is earned through the following methods:

  • Pathfinder objectives
  • Pathfinder completion reward
  • Overthrow
  • Cysts
  • Pale Heart Lost Sectors
  • Pale Heart chests
  • Feathers of Light


The Synchronicity Triumph is earned by unlocking everything for your Class’s Prismatic subclass. Every Aspect, every Fragment, and every ability.

All Prismatic Aspects, abilities, and Supers are naturally unlocked through The Final Shape’s Campaign and the post-campaign quests Found in the Dark and Lost in the Light.

While a few Primatic Fragments are unlocked through the Campaign automatically, the rest are found in Prismatic Chests hidden throughout The Pale Hart and Campaign.


Travelers Blessings
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Traveler’s Blessings are “Destination mods” that provide buffs and bonuses while in The Pale Heart. To earn the Blessed Triumph, you need to obtain all twenty five Blessings once.

You can obtain Blessings through various Pale Heart activities, with a daily guaranteed Blessing from Lost Sectors and Overthrow. If you’re looking to farm Blessings, then Overthrow is definitely your best bet.

Going Fast

There are six Cyst Missions in the Pale Heart, each tied to Micah-10’s Alone in the Dark questline. Complete all six Cyst Missions in under four minutes to earn the Going Fast Triumph.

Flock Together

Destiny 2 Feather Featured Image
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The Flock Together Triumph is earned by collecting all fifty five Feathers of Light hidden throughout the Pale Heart. Finding them all takes true dedication, but thankfully, you have our guide to help you out the whole way through.

Paracausal Geometries

Once the Alone in the Dark post-Campaign mission has been completed, Paranormal Activities will appear on the Pale Heart’s map. The Paracausal Geometries Triumph requires you to complete all eleven Paracusal Geometries found in areas marked with the “Paranormal Activity” icon.

When arriving at a Paranormal Activity, commune with the Light and look for two cubes; one Light (blue) and one Dark (red). Shoot the Light cube with Light damage (Arc, Solar, Void) and the Dark cube with Dark damage (Strand, Stasis) to destroy the Paracusal Geometry.

The Final Shape Secret Triumphs

Two Secret Triumphs tied to the Transcendent title have yet to be released (or haven’t been found). Hold tight, because we’re scanning every corner of the Pale Heart for clues. Check back soon!

Don’t forget to collect every Regional Chest in the Pale Heart to earn some easy rewards and pull you one step closer to the Exotic Khvostov 7G-0X — a variant of the very first weapon given to players in Destiny.

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