All map exits in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Aside from the killers, the maps play a huge role in the chances of survival for the victims of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Each has its personality and requires different strategies for both the killers and victims. Because they’re so different, all the maps bring something unique that helps everyone get into the eerie vibe of the game. Each map has various exits victims must find and killers must prevent their prey from reaching. To find all the map exits in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, read this guide — it’ll make planning a lot easier. 

All map exits

At the time of writing this guide, there are three maps in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The beginning of each game is roughly the same, placing victims in the basement. Then, after opening the main door leading upstairs, things change from map to map. Below, I’ll go over each exit throughout all three maps. 

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Slaughterhouse Map

There are a total of four exits on this map, and each must be unlocked to escape. 

  1. Car Battery: On the southeastern section of the map, you’ll see a car battery. Just beyond it will be an electrified fence. To turn off the fence, disable the car battery. Note: Make sure you have an unlock tool because that’s how you’ll be able to interact with it. If you’re having a hard time finding the battery, look for a yellow wire and follow it along
  2. Pressure Valve: Probably one of the harder ones to do across all the maps since it requires more steps. The water valve can spawn in a few places like the windmill or near the exterior of the building in the middle of the map. Next, head back to the basement and head to either Leatherface’s lair or the boiler room and attach the valve. The pressure will overload, making the pressure valve exit open. 
  3. Generator: Located in the northeast section of the map past the loading dock. Using an escape tool, disable the generator, but wait for the green light to turn off beside the generator. 
  4. Fusebox: This exit is located in the southernmost part of the map. However, you’ll need fuse boxes to unlock this exit. Start by looking at the garage, meat inspection room, or the cattle shoots. They’re hard to miss. Once you find one, head back to the fusebox exit and place them. The exit will open afterward. 
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Gas Station Map

Just like the Slaughterhouse map, there are four different exits, and they share similarities with the ones above. 

  1. Road: The more straightforward exit, but killers like Johnny can easily catch you here because of the open space. When you reach the exit, there will be a fence that will be electrified. Once the area is clear, simply approach it and unlock it with the unlock tool.
  2. Pressure Valve: A lot like the Slaughterhouse map, which tasks you with finding valves that are located across the map. You’ll be doing the same here. The best place to look for the map is the living room. Once you have it, head back to the pressure valve and break it
  3. Generator: Heading to the northeast part of the map, look for a generator. When you find it, break it to disable the gate. If you can’t find the generator, look in the opposite direction of the gate — it should be there. 
  4. Car Battery: Much like the Slaughterhouse map, you’ll need to turn off the car battery via escape tool to get out alive. If you can’t find it, set your sights either south or east of the gate.
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Family House Map

The one main takeaway from this map is unlike the other two, it has far more open spaces. So, if you’re not watching yourself or being careful, you could get caught quickly. 

  1. Fuse Box: For this map, there are two different spots where the fuse box exits open. To get fuses, try looking in Grandpa’s room or the living room. When you have them, head to the luggage room or the Hitchhiker’s room to open up the exits.
  2. Car Battery: Make your way to the eastern part of the map and look for a car battery. Like the two other maps, this is the same. Simply use an escape tool to turn the battery off — once you do that, the gate will open. 
  3. Pressure Valve: Following the same method as the other maps, look out for the valve itself, which can be found in the barn, luggage room, or the bathroom. After you have it, head to the west or east of the gate and place the valve there. The pressure will overload and open the exit.
  4. Generator: This exit is on the east side of the map. To find the generator itself, go to the gate and follow the yellow wire, which will lead you to the generator. When you reach the area, disable it and wait for the green light to turn off. After that, you’ll be able to escape. 
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is available now via Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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