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All mounts in Soulmask and how to get them

Become a true animal trainer.

You’ll need a friend to survive in the harsh world of Soulmask. This comes in the form of mounts. To learn all the mounts in Soulmask and how to get them, you’ll need this guide.

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Soulmask: All mounts and how to get them

The survival game has tons of animals. Most of which are to be hunted, while a select few can be owned. Currently, there are about five animals that you can use as a mount. They are Llamas, Panthers, Snow Leapords, Alpacas, and Ostriches. Each animal’s saddle is unlocked at different levels of your Awareness Strength and the Knowledge and Technology Tree. However, after you unlock the proper levels, you’ll still need resources like Cotton.

Below we’ll go over each of the five animals. From what level you unlock the saddle at, and what ingredients you need. That way, you can expedite the process. 

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How to get all mounts

Alpaca and Llama

Both these saddles can be unlocked the same way, and you can get them early on in Soulmask. Head to the Dawn of the New Tribe section, and then the Leather Gear tree. Also, ensure your Awareness level is at 15. Now for the ingredients, both animals require different materials.

Alpaca: 15 leather, 10 leather ropes, and 10 coarse cotton.

Llama: 20 leather, 10 leather ropes, 15 coarse cotton, and 10 thin ropes.


Upon reaching the Advancement of Bronze and having the Bronze Tree, you can unlock the saddle of the Panther. On top of that, your Awareness level needs to be at 25. Making the saddle requires the following: 20 leather ropes, 10 fine cotton, and five bronze ingots

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When you unlock the Iron Tree by earning the Glow of Iron Age, the saddle of Ostirch can be made. Just like the other animals, make sure you’re at the right Awareness Level which is 36. To make the saddle of the Ostrich, you’ll need: 20 premium leather, 15 fine cotton, 10 cotton ropes, and five iron ingots.

Snow Leopard

This mount is an end-game saddle, so your Awareness Level needs to be at 51. You also need to start the Steel tree from the Steel Age tab. If you have all that set, you just need the following materials: 20 delicate leather, 15 smooth cloth, 10 cotton ropes, and five steel ingots.

Farming all these resources can take up a lot of time. However, joining and playing with friends in Soulmask can make things better. 

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