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Where to find Cotton in Soulmask

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Of all the resources you acquire in Soulmask, Cotton might be among the hardest to find. Since the game doesn’t tell you much about how to find the resources you need, you’ll probably get lost a lot. If you want to learn where to find Cotton in Soulmask, use this guide. 

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Soulmask: Where to find Cotton

One of the earliest spots to find Cotton is in the Flint Tribe Barbarian Barracks. If you can’t find it on your own, use the map below. Before you make your journey to the barracks, it’s a good idea to get rid of the fog of war leading to your destination. There should be a Barbarian Camp just south of the barracks. By doing this first, hunting for meat will be a lot easier.

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When you reach the Flint Tribe Barracks, look for fences and land that looks like a garden patch, it should be there. Additionally, unlike getting Flint, you don’t need any extra tools. Simply interact with the plant, and it’ll go into your inventory.

However, there’s a chance that the Cotton might not be there. If that’s the case, all you have to do is wait around the area. Fight any enemies, or grind for a little bit. Cotton grows fast, and if you spend time hanging around doing random stuff, you can get Cotton quickly. On top of that, it seems that you might be able to farm Cotton here as well. 

Are there more areas to get Cotton?

As of now, I’ve only found Cotton in the Flint Tribe Barracks. Since Soulmask is massive with a lot of other biomes, there will always be other spots to find Cotton. The only issue is that the game doesn’t let you know if you’ve landed in an area replete with Cotton. Because of that, we will update this piece as time goes on to make searching for Cotton significantly easier. 

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You can find Cotton easier when you don’t have any distractions. This can be done by creating a dedicated server in Soulmask.

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