All NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
Screenshot: PC Invasion

All NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Meet some friendly faces.

A new season means new NPCs on the map ready to sell you their wares. These characters are never created equally, so let me show all NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 and who you should visit.

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Fortnite NPC locations guide: Where to find them and their items

If you’re struggling to find decent loot, NPCs can save you in a pinch if you have Gold to spare. Some NPCs also offer Mythic weapons if you can beat them in combat. Peabody, in particular, is worth visiting as he’s the only NPC who sells the new Nitro Splash items.

All NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
Screenshot: PC Invasion

On the map above, you can see the location of every NPC. I’ve labeled each one, and you can find their items and services in the table below:

NPC NameItems and Services
#1 Centurion
Hireable: Supply Specialist
Hammer Pump Shotgun (300 Gold)
#2 Oscar
Duel Reward: Oscar’s Mythic Frenzy Auto Shotgun
#3 Triage TrooperHireable: Medic Specialist
Harbinger SMG (300 Gold)

#4 Cerberus
Duel Reward: Mythic Gatekeeper Shotgun

#5 Peelosopher Bananocrates
Patch Up Service (100 Gold)
Shield Bubble JR. x2 (120 Gold)
#6 Rust
Combat Shotgun (300 Gold)
#7 HopeTactical Assault Rifle (300 Gold)
Shockwave Grenade x2 (100 Gold)
#8 Vengeance JonesThunderburst SMG (300 Gold)
Shield Bubble JR. X2 (120 Gold)

#9 Artemis

Hireable: Scout Specialist
Harbinger SMG (300 Gold)
#10 PeabodyHammer Pump Shotgun (300 Gold)
Repair Torch (25 Gold)
Nitro Splash X2 (100 Gold)
#11 Brite RaiderBoom Bolt (300 Gold)
Repair Torch (25 Gold)
#12 RuckusHireable: Heavy Specialist
Boom Bolt (300 Gold)

Who are the best NPCs to visit in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3?

If you can beat Oscar in a duel, he will give you his Mythic Frenzy Auto Shotgun. For this reason alone, Oscar is the most important NPC on the map. Cerberus at Grim Gate is a close second, as his Mythic Gatekeeper Shotgun is up for grabs.

While these NPCs offer some of the most sought-after weapons on the map, every character brings something to the table. You can rely on NPCs to bolster your inventory in a pinch or hire them to have the numbers advantage in battle.

If you don’t have the gold, you can still rely on powerful weapons to tilt the odds in your favor. Check out the Nitro Fists when you can, as they are lethal in close-range combat

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