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How to damage opponents while infused with Nitro in Fortnite

Move over, Flowberries.

Nitro is a new mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, and there’s never been anything quite like it. Let me explain how it works and how to damage opponents while infused with Nitro in Fortnite.

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What is Nitro in Fortnite?

Nitro gives several temporary buffs similar to Slap Barrels. The big difference is Nitro provides so much more. While you’re infused with Nitro, you gain increased movement and reload speed. You also get complete immunity to fall damage, and your vehicles spend less fuel.

Boosting in a vehicle quickly drains your fuel, so Nitro is a massive bonus if you’re driving around in a modded car.

How to become Nitro Infused in Fortnite

How to damage opponents while infused with Nitro in Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Two new items in Fortnite can infuse you with Nitro. You can find a Nitro Barrel and smash it or use a Nitro Splash. I’ve found most Nitro Barrels by the side of roads and around Service Stations. Nitro Splashes are throwable items and seem to be obtainable from most chests.  

How to damage opponents while infused with Nitro in Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can tell when you’re Nitro Infused as a new fiery bar appears on your HUD (pictured above). Infusion doesn’t last forever and slowly ticks down as you play.

To damage opponents while Nitro Infused, simply destroy a barrel or consume a Splash before you battle. You can set this up much more easily with Nitro Splashes, as you can sneak up on opponents and deploy it when you’re nearby. You may want to turn Visual Footsteps on if you’re having trouble getting the drop on opponents.

Should I use Nitro in Fortnite?

Nitro is extremely powerful as it offers you so many options in combat. The ability to jump off a cliff and survive already makes Nitro Splashes well worth the inventory slot. The Reload speed buff is negligible, but you can run rings around your enemies with the increased movement speed.

It’s a shame Nitro doesn’t give any health or shields, but it would be overpowered if it did.

The faster movement often comes into play in close-quarters combat, so it pairs nicely with the Nitro Fists. Give them a go if you haven’t, as they are deadly at point-blank range.

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